Comrade Barack Obama: President of the United Socialist States of America

As for the education system: the nation's universities are staffed by Communists and Communist sympathisers and the public school system has brainwashed children in the ideology of Communism without them or their parents even being aware of it. The youth in any country have always been cannon fodder for revolutionaries, "useful idiots", too naive and immature to understand the real issues or the way the world really works. The Socialist revolutionaries have controlled education in America for decades now, and have used it to literally "dumb down" the youth to the point where millions of them are little more than zombies, unable to think critically yet arrogantly sure that they are bright and intelligent and discerning. This is why they spend endless hours watching mindless TV, listening to mindless and yet violent and sexual music, and surfing the Net. They hardly read, and when they do they read magazines extolling their favourite movie stars and singers, not useful books that could teach them, really teach them, something of true and lasting value.

And young voters – gullible, dumbed-down by an education system that has left them essentially uneducated, fed with feel-good sound-byte information that gave them no understanding of the real issues at stake here – turned out in droves to vote in this election. And they voted for Obama. Why? Yes, he was young for a presidential candidate, and that was attractive to them. But far more importantly, the youth of America today are the products of a Socialist educational system that has indoctrinated them so well, they have actually fallen for the Socialist lies and ideology of men like Obama. When he spoke of the need to "vote for change" they liked the sound of it even though they had no real idea what he meant by it. "The devolution of education into fluff, outright nonsense, political correctness and sports-obsession has continued for so long that standardized tests (what few exist for rigorous academics) are dumbed-down every few years so that students can pass them. Remedial classes in the basics are ubiquitous at America's colleges and universities. The 2008 election year has provided Americans an up-close-and-personal look at the fruits of intellectual neglect. The 40-year-long emphasis on teamwork, sex, mental health, anti-gang and drug abuse programs in our nation's classrooms, combined with a smattering of junk science, fuzzy math, ‘transformational grammar' and ‘whole language' has ensured that today's younger voters (below age 30) are unable to see past campaign slogans and rumor-mills…. Generations X, Y and their progeny have no grasp of history; no understanding of rhetoric; no stomach for philosophic deliberations, such as those that went into the framing of our Constitution; and no idea what constitutes a fallacy (such as ‘straw-man argument')."xxxii


And then, precisely because of the indoctrination of the masses that has gone on for decades, as described above, millions of Americans, black and white, voted for Barack Obama because he is black. Well, actually, he has a mixed ancestry. Black is a colour, it's not a race. There's no such thing as a "pure race" on earth; every single human being's ancestry is all mixed up. If a man has a Scottish father and an Italian mother, for example, he is of mixed ancestry. But because both are called "white", he is considered to be "white". But "white" and "black", these are colours, not "races" or people groups. Obama is called a "black" man because his father was a Kenyan whose skin colour was black (many Kenyans are white in colour), and he inherited that skin colour. Black Americans are rejoicing because he is a black man, and yet this literally is "skin deep", for his mother was white. So all those who voted for him "because he is black" were basing this solely upon skin colour, nothing else. An insanely stupid reason, voting for a man merely because of his skin colour. But so it was. For those millions of voters, what Obama actually stands for, and believes, and intends to implement in America, was irrelevant; they wanted him as president for no other reason than that he has a black skin.

Blacks, of course, voted for him because he is black and looks like them. But millions of whites voted for him too, merely because he is black and doesn't look like them (as pointed out in the quotation by Anne Wortham given below)! Polls showed him to have garnered in the region of 43% of all white votes, and 54% of the under-30 white votes. Why did they do so? They did so because they have been indoctrinated (via the "churches", media, entertainment industry and education system) to feel somehow "guilty" for slavery and for segregation in the past; and voting for a black man was, to their warped way of thinking, a means of atoning for this supposed "guilt". It's all nonsense anyway, because one can only feel guilty for what one has personally done, not for what one's ancestors may have done; but liberal pressure over decades has convinced whites, not just in the US but the world over, that they are guilty for the past, and need to atone.

The guilt was there already, drummed in over decades; and then when Barack Obama came along, they were taken in by his smile and courteous ways, without ever realising that this was all a ruse, part of his plan; for as a disciple of Saul Alinsky he well knew that Alinsky had written in his Rules for Radicals that it was important to be sensitive to middle-class "aversion to rudeness, vulgarity, and conflict. Start them easy, don't scare them off." He was quick to learn the value of this to pull the wool over peoples' eyes, as he himself admitted in Dreams from my Father: "It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied, they were relieved – such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."xxxiii Oh but he certainly was an angry black man! Very angry, very racist, just like his white-hating pastor. He had just learned to hide it so well that he fooled millions of gullible people. Yet another striking similarity between him and South Africa's Nelson Mandela. "His genial demeanor explains in part why many Americans are drawn to Obama…. They cannot admit to themselves that this nice, well-spoken man was mentored by Wright for two decades, is a longtime ally of an unrepentant domestic terrorist, and that he himself embraces their agenda. Obama's charm is an effective tactic, one of those tricks that he learned." xxxiv


The issue of race was milked for all it was worth in this election. Those who opposed Obama were branded as "racists" (if white) or "sell-outs" (if black). Take, as an example, this email from an irate Obama supporter, sent to Devvy Kidd, a writer with "You racist white [expletive]! How dare you question the citizenship of the greatest hope our country has ever had for change? You lying honkeys are afraid of having a Black President…. You’re d-d right we will burn this racist piece of [expletive] country to the ground if we are denied our messiah. You white [expletive] already stole two elections, we will not let you steal a third. Obama is the great hope of the oppressed masses, and he will win in a landslide. You racist whites better not try anything funny, or else you will pay. We will make the Watts riots look like a party you white lying [expletive]. Power to the People! God bless Barack Obama!"xxxv