Comrade Barack Obama: President of the United Socialist States of America

Obama is not a true Christian. And yet black Americans, including those millions who sit in churches every Sunday, turned a blind eye to the facts; as did millions of whites. Only a tiny percentage of black Americans were courageous enough to refuse to vote for him. In the words of one of them, a Christian lady who wrote to the present author: "Here in the USA I know many blacks who claim to be Christian but who are supporting Obama just because of his skin color. The expectation is – I should be supporting him, too. But as a Christian there is no way I can support this man…. Clearly, by his fruit he's not a true Christian – though he claims to be."xix

"What we have here is a baptized Marxist who denies the biographical reality of his Muslim background, takes pride in his skepticism, is the center of his universe, is posing as a Christian, [and] esteems [what he believes to be] the power of the christ myth".xx


But why, when he clearly rejects Christianity at heart, did Barack Obama feel it so important to pose as a Christian? Was it only because he knew this would cause millions of professing "Christians" to vote for him?

That was one very important reason, without any doubt. He was playing to the gallery. But it was not the only reason. As dishonest and deceptive as that motive was, there was another, very sinister one. His pal Saul Alinksy, whose acquaintance we made above, believed that churches were an ideal vehicle for advancing Marxism, as indeed have so many Commies the world over, which is why liberation theology in Latin America and Africa has so powerfully advanced the Communist cause. Obama swallowed this ideology, but he needed to belong to a church in order to make use of the churches from within. So he cast about for a suitable church, and his ambitious Red eye fell upon Jeremiah Wright and his Chicago church. It was a marriage made in Obama's own version of heaven! For him, religion is just a means to an end – to advance the cause of Marxism. As he himself has stated in his book, Audacity of Hope: "We need to take faith seriously not simply to block the religious right [for he and his fellows are all radical leftists] but to engage all persons of faith in the larger project of American renewal." It could be a statement straight out of the mouth of Nelson Mandela or any other Red political leader who is prepared to use the churches to advance Marxism. "For Obama, that ‘larger project' of his agenda is America's servitude to Marxist socialism, for which Christian verbiage can be made a tool of manipulation."xxi


It's not that Obama has to be a Christian to be president. That's not the issue at all. The issue is his deceitfulness, the lies which he spewed out of his mouth. All the above goes to the character of Barack Obama. It reveals him to be a Marxist liar and deceiver, using pious-sounding Christian terminology for his own wicked ends.


But here's where it starts to get really spine-chilling. Blacks across America actually view the man as their "messiah", divinely sent to deliver them from "white oppression"! And they openly refer to him as such! "Exploiting what Obama regards as the christ myth, his campaign has derived his religio-political image from Wright's ‘theology' – as a black messianic hero coming to establish social justice, repair racial inequities, heal America's broken soul and save the planet from the United States."xxii

This is all deliberately stage-managed. "When reading from the teleprompter he speaks unfathomable generalities with an aura of thoughtfulness, creating for the masses an illusion of nuance, conviction and depth. Charmed by his voice's cadence, audiences project on Obama their personal views, without concern to evaluate who he really is…. Crowds chant his name, and women mesmerized by his presence have fainted in Obamanic swoons. New Age Gnostics identify Obama as an angelic lightworker bringing the world to a higher plane of consciousness…. Feeling a thrill go up his leg, MSNBC's Chris Matthews verified: ‘This is the New Testament.' Oprah Winfrey, the TV evangelist for New Age fundamentalism… invoked the messianic motif of a hoped-for deliverer in hailing Obama: ‘He is The One! He is The One!'"xxiii

One journalist gushed, comparing him with Christ: "He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair".xxiv Incredibly, just as in evangelistic crusades people share their testimonies of how they came to Christ, Obama's rally organisers encouraged people to share their personal testimonies of how they "came to Obama"!

And Congressman Jesse Jackson, infamous black American preacher, went into the realm of blasphemy when, in praising Obama's presidential nomination as "the single most extraordinary event" in American history, he added, "The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance."xxv

This man has been set up as a messiah, there's no doubt about it – and he himself knows it, and uses out-of-context biblical references, in true liberation theology fashion, to promote himself as a messiah, such as in his speech of February 5: "We are the hope of the future; the answer to the cynics who tell us our house must stand divided [a misuse of Matt. 12:24-28]…. Because we know what we have seen and what we believe [a misuse of 1 Jn. 1:1-3 and Jn. 3:11]- that what began as a whisper has now swelled to a chorus that cannot be ignored; that will not be deterred; that will ring out across this land as a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, and make this time different than all the rest." And again, in true liberation theology fashion, he believes that Marxism will create an earthly utopia: "I am confident that we can create a kingdom right here on earth."xxvi So outrageously vain and deluded is this man, that he believes he can heal not only America, but save the entire world! Deceitfully calling himself a Christian, he exalts himself in the place of Christ!