Comrade Barack Obama: President of the United Socialist States of America

Comrade Barack Obama, PDF format

The election of Barack Obama to the White House is the greatest disaster for the United States of America in its entire history.

Of course, the fawning millions who voted for him don't believe that. Throughout his campaign they hung on his every word, and gazed on him adoringly as if he were a messiah. And as the truth dawned that he had won, millions of people, not only in America but even around the world, stood and openly wept. Marxists, liberals, New Agers, Muslims, sodomites, illegal immigrants, and the dumbed-down masses in general, all rejoiced in the streets. The only thing comparable to it was the election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa in 1994. Mandela himself gushed over Obama after he won, saying his victory was an inspiration to people all over the world. But just as the rainbow began to lose its sparkle very soon after Mandela came to power in the "rainbow nation", so the glitter will fade from Obama's victory. This latest "Marxist Messiah" will be no better than the one before him.


It was incredible enough when, just a few years ago, Americans voted the immoral Socialist Bill Clinton into office, and got two for the price of one as his militantly leftist wife Hillary wore the pants and wielded the power. Incredible as that was to even contemplate at the time, they then proceeded to do it again, four years later! So it must be remembered that a nation that could be so deceived as to put Clinton into the White House, not once but twice, was already, back then, a long way along the road to Socialism. And now they have elected Obama, a radical Marxist.

His sycophantic supporters hotly deny it of course, but the facts can't be denied: Obama is an outright racist Communist. He calls himself a centrist, but he is very far to the left of centre. His words, actions, and friends reveal him to be a Communist. Like every Communist, he believes that the wealthy should be heavily taxed, so that their wealth can be "redistributed" by the government to others. He has spoken of "recasting" the welfare net that Roosevelt cast, of rolling back the "winner-takes-all" market economy (i.e. he is anti-Capitalist), and of "restoring fairness to the economy" – all classic Communist/Socialist jargon and plans. Of course, he has disguised all this behind other, less dangerous-sounding terms – such as his constant use of the terms "universal" (as in "universal health care"), "fair" (as in "fair trade" and "fair labour practices"), and "free" (as in "free college tuition", "free child care", etc.). He knows of course that nothing in this world is, or can be, free. But sadly his ignorant followers don't know it. They really believe his grand promises are all achievable, little realising that when Communists speak of "free" this and that, they mean that people pay for it through hugely burdensome taxation. He also knows that not much in this world is "fair", and that some will always be richer than others – himself included! As the Lord Jesus said, "For ye have the poor with you always" (Mk. 14:7) – no amount of State "redistribution" of wealth, by the Robin Hood tactics of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, will ever eliminate poverty from the earth. It's all pie-in-the-sky nonsense. It will only increase poverty, as proved in Marxist countries the world over.

In addition, in true Communist style, Obama is very pro-gun control; he favours repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and is pro-sodomy; he is very pro-abortion and has criticised the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold a ban on partial birth abortion; he supports "universal" health care; and supports affirmative action. Make no mistake, this is a man with vast Socialist ambitions.

Obama is totally in favour of open US borders, with virtually no restrictions on either legal or illegal immigration! As president, he wants to give the millions of illegal immigrants the right to vote in the USA, as well as free education, welfare benefits, and free health care. He favours the North American Union, which will eliminate the borders between the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and open the way for millions of Central and South American immigrants to pour into the USA, legally and illegally.

And Obama's Marxist ideology leads him, naturally, to be a globalist as well; a One-Worlder, a full-fledged supporter of moves towards the One World Order, with a World Government, fully committed to giving the United Nations as much power worldwide as possible. He cares not a whit for America's sovereignty; he wants to merge it into the New World Order. Not only that, but he wants to use the UN to get the USA to "redistribute" its wealth to the world! He introduced a bill in the Senate, the purpose of which is to get American taxpayers, via a massive "wealth redistribution" scheme, to fund the world's poor. It would provide the United Nations with 0.7% of the United States' gross national product! This would, it is estimated, amount to something like $845 billion in taxpayers' money for welfare payments to Third World countries.

Constitutionalist columnist Devvy Kidd wrote, "America took the single largest step towards becoming a communist nation in my lifetime with this alleged election of a Marxist-Leninist. In April, I began describing Obama as a Marxist. My mail box filled up with angry email insisting that Obama is a ‘progressive,' liberal Democrat. This is the ignorance of a dumbed down population who have no idea what Marxism means: The political and economic ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as developed into a system of thought that gives class struggle a primary role in leading society from bourgeois democracy under capitalism to a socialist society and thence to communism. Redistribution of wealth is the major tenet of communism. It is also Obama's plan."i