The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?

Our hearts truly go out to all the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of these priest-predators. They were terribly violated by men they trusted, men they tragically believed stood in the place of Christ Himself. What a tragedy that, despite what they endured, so many of them remain committed Roman Catholics, looking to the Papal Antichrist for comfort instead of turning away from this false religion and turning to the Lord Jesus Christ. It should be the earnest prayer of every true Christian that Roman Catholics would hear the true Gospel of salvation by Christ alone, that many would be saved from their sins by faith in Him. This worldwide priestly sex scandal provides an opportunity for Christians to share the Gospel with their Roman Catholic relatives, neighbours, etc.

At the end of the meeting with the abuse victims, Roman Catholic cardinal, Sean O’Malley, gave Benedict a book listing the first names of the approximately 1000 victims of sexual abuse in the archdiocese of Boston alone, so that Benedict could remember them in his prayers! What utter hypocrisy. This cardinal was in charge of the Boston archdiocese, which was the epicentre of the abuse scandal in the U.S., and yet now he piously hands over the names of these victims to the pope, as if he is shocked and scandalised by what was going on right under his very nose! To believe that he knew nothing of it is to stretch credulity way too far.

Commenting on the papal meeting with the sex abuse victims, the editor of The Southern Cross, the Roman Catholic southern African weekly, wrote: “When Pope Benedict met five survivors of clerical abuse – representatives of all victims of predatory Church personnel – he communicated a powerful message: today, the Church sides with those who have been abused.” [12] Oh, really? Today it sides with them, does it? What about yesterday? On whose side was it then? Clearly, on the side of the perpetrators, as it has been through the centuries. And what about tomorrow? The only reason it purports to be on the side of the abused today, is because it was exposed. No other reason.

Much more could be written about the “many missions” the pope of Rome had in the United States at this time; but this will suffice for now. As we wrote in a previous article,[13] the Roman Catholic institution will survive this massive, costly priestly sex scandal. It has suffered a huge setback, but it will recover. It has already recovered to a large extent. And the visit of the pope of Rome to the United States, a slick exercise in damage control in a country so important to the Vatican, has gone a long way towards “healing the wound”. But the sin will not stop. The hideous crimes will continue. In a hundred thousand “church” buildings, cathedrals, priests’ homes, monasteries, convents, and seminaries, children will become victims of priestly lust. The vast majority of these crimes will never be known to the world. They will be committed in secret, in darkness, and fear will keep the victims from ever breathing a word about them. But “the eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good” (Prov. 15:3). “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do” (Heb. 4:13). The Lord sees all that is done in the darkness, and it will not go unpunished. Man hides his sin, but God brings it to light. And even though men are not always caught or punished for their crimes in this world, they will suffer eternally in the next for them, unless they truly repent and cry out to the Lord for salvation. The day of judgment is coming.

Let all true Christians pray for, and preach the Gospel to, the multitudes of Roman Catholics, and their priests, all of whom are lost and spiritually dead in their sins, that those ordained to eternal life may believe!

May 2008

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