The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?

American Roman Catholics, being citizens of a country which exalts individual “freedom” and “rights” to such an extent, often find it very difficult to accept all Roman Catholic doctrine. Abortion is a case in point, which is officially opposed by Rome, and yet many American Roman Catholics favour it. This caused Benedict to tackle this undercurrent of rebellion. At a mass in New York’s Yankee Stadium, he urged Roman Catholics “to move forward with firm resolve to use wisely the blessings of freedom in order to build a future of hope for coming generations” [7] – a not-very-veiled reference. And since when has Rome ever believed freedom to be a blessing anyway? Never. If it had its way fully, the Vatican would eliminate all freedom in the world – the good as well as the bad – and turn all nations into slave-nations of the Papacy, just as they were in the Dark Ages.

Addressing bishops in Washington, he said some people think they can pick and choose what they believe. “We’ve seen this emerge in an acute way in the scandal given by Catholics who promote an alleged right to abortion,” he said. Of course, true Christians are utterly opposed to abortion as well. But the pope’s remarks are hypocritical in the extreme. He appears to stand firmly against abortion – and yet supports prominent politicians who support abortion, even Roman Catholic ones! It all depends on their influence in other areas at the time, you see. It’s all about what they can do for Rome. If need be, the pope and his servants will turn a blind eye to the very things they speak so strongly against at other times.

But it was mainly to try to contain the immense damage done in the United States by the priestly sex scandals, which have bankrupted many dioceses and shocked and horrified millions of Roman Catholics, that the Roman pontiff made this visit to the United States at this time. The U.S. is vital to the Vatican, financially and politically, and it cannot allow this ongoing scandal to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. In the words of a professor from the Pontifical Gregorian University, “the Church in the United States has suffered a serious crisis and it will probably take many years to heal wounds and to engender trust and reconciliation. This crisis has touched not only those who were sexually abused, but also it has caused suffering and confusion for all Catholics – priests and laity alike. Many of our good priests particularly have borne the brunt of this painful scourge…. I am optimistic that the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the USA, with his message of hope in Christ, will contribute to this healing process. Especially his meeting with priests will be important because they need to hear his words of trust and hope.” [8]

The way this professor spoke, it was as if these sex scandals were something new within Roman Catholicism, whereas in fact it has always gone on, ever since celibacy was enforced upon all priests many centuries ago. Yes, there are a few priests who manage to keep themselves pure, but this unnatural lifestyle lends itself to such vile abominations as sodomy, child sex abuse, and fornication. The only real difference between recent times and previous times is that in recent times the media has exposed this horrifying, disgraceful practice as never before. Prior to this, Roman Catholics and others always knew it went on, and they knew it was covered up, but they had no idea of the sheer scale of it worldwide. Now they do – and Roman Catholics have left the “Church” in droves as a result, while those who have remained have been scandalised, shocked, disgusted, and many have lost confidence in their priests. This was clearly a situation that could not continue, from Rome’s perspective, especially in a country such as the United States, which generates such vast revenues for the Vatican, and is such an important part of Rome’s plans for world domination.