Rocky Balboa: A “Christian Boxer”?

  To misuse 2 Tim. 4:7, as was done by those promoting this boxing movie as a movie with “Christian” themes, reveals a shocking lack of understanding of the Bible, and of what it truly means to be a Christian.

  I recently wrote an exposé of the South African religious movie, Faith Like Potatoes.  A sister in Christ in the United States suggested, tongue in cheek, that this new Rocky movie should be subtitled “Faith Like Mashed Potatoes.”


  And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… it does.  A “Christian Rocky” is bad enough, but it appears as if Stallone is going to inflict the world with a “Christian Rambo” as well!  Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Stallone is most famous for two Hollywood characters, “Rocky” and “Rambo”.  His “Rambo” character is a violent one-man army.  And now the plan is for Rambo to apparently go to the rescue of Christian missionaries.  As reported by Stuart Shepard of, quoted on, Stallone said: “He [Rambo] doesn’t believe at first, he’s seen too much.  He’s bitter.  But when he meets these people and looks into their eyes, he’s swept up in it, and literally he’s just taken on this journey.  He’s a Christian warrior!  Can you believe it?”  And Stuart said in his article: “I’m believin’ it.”

  What we believe is that there is now no limit to what professing “Christians” will swallow in their lust for Hollywood entertainment.  The true Church, the remnant, will remain separate from all this.  But what passes for the “Church” these days has gone stark, raving mad.  Satan is having a field day.


December 2006

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