Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland

That Ian Paisley has gravely erred in this matter (along with the others in the DUP) is very obvious.  But it must be remembered that even a true Christian can commit grave errors, which may sometimes have devastating consequences, not only for him but for many others, especially if he is in a position of authority or leadership.  The Bible is replete with examples.  Prov. 6:26 says, “the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.”  Gospel ministers are in Satan’s sights, more than any others!  If a servant of the Lord can be made to err, what a victory for the devil!

As correctly pointed out by Free Presbyterian minister, Ivan Foster, the alliance of the DUP with Sinn Fein/IRA is like that between Samson and Delilah. [35]  And it will have the same tragic consequences in the end.  And as certainly as the Philistines worshipped their god with rejoicing and said, “Our god hath delivered Samson our enemy into our hand”, and praised their god with merry hearts (Judg. 16:23-25), so throughout Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, other parts of the Roman Catholic world, and the Vatican, Roman Catholics must be worshipping their false “christ” with rejoicing, and praising with merry hearts!  For in their eyes, their false god has delivered the DUP into their hands.    “It is our conviction that any form of association or compromise with terrorist-related politicians on behalf of Ministers or elders of the Free Presbyterian Church [the denomination in which Ian Paisley is a minister] will undoubtedly seriously undermine the testimony of that Church in Northern Ireland and throughout the world.  The betrayal of former pledges by Free Presbyterians will also provide unbelievers with an excuse for turning away from the Gospel.” [36]  This is true, and it has already happened.  Even in far-away South Africa, there are men who have gloated over what they perceive as Ian Paisley’s about-face.  How the Vatican must be laughing!  How Sinn Fein/IRA must be laughing!  To think that they have achieved this huge victory, not under some weak, vacillating, appeasement-oriented Protestant politician, but under Ian Paisley himself!  The man who stood against them like a rock for decades!


We join Bible-believing Christians the world over in praying for Ian Paisley, and for the Christians of Northern Ireland, who now face a very uncertain future in the hands of men who should never, ever have been permitted to be in government.  May the Lord yet deliver His people there from the horrors of Roman Catholic and terrorist domination!


June 2007

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