Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland

In November 2005, Gerry Adams again visited South Africa.  SA’s spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ronnie Mamoepa (ANC), said that Adams’ visit provided for a “sharing of experiences on decommissioning and disarmament, and particularly the lessons that could be learnt from the various peace processes in Africa [peace processes? what peace processes?].” [32]  Adams met with SA President Thabo Mbeki in Pretoria, and even addressed parliament in Cape Town!

Roman Catholic priest, Barney McAleer, of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, who is himself from Northern Ireland, said after Adams’ visit that the long-term implications of the “Good Friday Agreement” in Northern Ireland were uppermost in Adams’ discussions with the South African government and “Church” representatives.  He said that Northern Ireland could learn much from South Africa, especially in creating dialogue between old enemies and getting various denominations and religions to co-operate with one another.  He said there were lessons to be learnt from ecumenical initiatives in South Africa that could be applied to the building of sound relationships between the historically polarised Roman Catholic and Protestant communities in Northern Ireland.

When the leader of a terrorist organisation can be invited to address parliament, and hold discussions with the president and with religious leaders, we can be sure that the ties between the two terrorist organisations (the IRA and SA’s ruling ANC) are very strong indeed.  Adams was in SA to “learn” from what occurred here, and he would have picked up a lot of “tips”!  Including the fact that “dialoguing with old enemies” is simply doublespeak for using “negotiations” to gain major victories at the expense of the other side.  It’s a proven tactic of Marxist terrorists.  And when unregenerate religious leaders get involved, as they did in SA, this only makes matters infinitely worse, for they always side with the terrorists.  South Africans know this only too well, by bitter experience.

This then is the terrorist organisation (Sinn Fein/IRA) with which Ian Paisley and his party have now formed a coalition government!  A terrorist organisation that has maintained a close working relationship with Nelson Mandela’s ANC, another terrorist organisation and which now governs South Africa.  When I ministered to the congregation of Martyrs’ Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast, where Ian Paisley is the minister, in 2003, he spoke strongly against Nelson Mandela, and with great sadness over what has happened to South Africa.  And yet now Sinn Fein/IRA, a terrorist organisation closely tied to the ANC, has entered into a “power-sharing” deal with Ian Paisley’s DUP!


When one thinks of the stand taken by Ian Paisley for many decades, this about-face is incomprehensible.  Ronald Cooke, in his book entitled Ian Paisley: Protestant Protagonist Par Excellence, said: “Perhaps no other man in this [twentieth] century has received such a barrage of unrelenting hate literature directed against him as that endured by Ian Paisley.” [33]  But now?

Yes, the about-face of Paisley and the DUP has shocked the Protestant population of Northern Ireland (and Bible Protestants around the world!).  To see photographs of a smiling Paisley sitting at a table for discussions with Roman Catholic archbishop, Sean Brady, and a delegation of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, deeply saddened the Lord’s people.  Here are the words of Paisley himself, from his statement on the meeting: “This is a meeting between the DUP, as the largest political party in Northern Ireland, and a delegation led by Archbishop Brady from the Northern Ireland Catholic Council on Social Affairs.  Our topics of discussion were social, economic and political.  I welcome the opportunity that this meeting has provided.  We have had a very good and useful exchange of views across a range of issues.  It is in the interests of everyone to develop the foundations for stability and prosperity for all the people of Northern Ireland…. Today’s meeting is the latest in a series with Church leaders and civil society and we look forward to further discussions with Archbishop Brady and his colleagues in the coming months.” [34]

There was absolutely no need for Paisley to meet with the Papist archbishop and his cronies.  Sean Brady is not a politician, but a religious leader, and therefore the DUP did not in any sense need to meet him for discussions about Northern Ireland.  Brady, as the Papal primate of “All Ireland”, is the representative of the Roman pope in Ireland – the one whom Ian Paisley has so often correctly called the Antichrist of God’s Word!  In the late 1980s Paisley stood up at the European parliament, when the pope visited there, and boldly held up a placard that said “Antichrist!” And yet now he has met with the Antichrist’s representative, said that he “welcomed” the opportunity, spoke of a “very good and useful exchange of views” with him, and even added that he was actually “looking forward to further discussions” with the man!  Looking forward to further discussions with the Antichrist’s representative!  Looking forward to further discussions with the very religious leaders who have supported the IRA’s terror campaign against the Protestants of Northern Ireland!  The Roman Catholic religious leaders of Northern Ireland have blood on their hands – and yet Paisley sat down with them for unnecessary talks about the future of the country they have done so much to destroy!

Ian Paisley has preached from these words of Holy Scripture: “Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord?” (2 Chron. 19:2).  We well remember hearing his powerful voice thundering out those very words.  But now we must apply those words of Holy Scripture to him!  For this is precisely what he has done.  And we pray that the Lord would have mercy, that the rest of the verse will not be found to be true of him as well: “therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.”