Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland

“In a united and all-Catholic Ireland, the former Protestant majority of Ulster would become a harassed and persecuted minority.  Past history is the best indicator that this would be so.  Apart from inevitable legal restrictions, religious hamstringing, etc., the Protestants would be compelled to submit to Catholic dominance or to emigrate altogether.” [16]

Sinn Fein/IRA has now got exactly what it wanted.  Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams is on record as saying, “Sinn Fein remains firmly focused on bringing about a situation where Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley would be equal partners at the head of a power sharing government in the north.” [17]  Note those words: “equal partners.”  Significantly, as pointed out by Ivan Foster, a Free Presbyterian minister in Northern Ireland, the office of First Minister (which Paisley now holds) is in actual fact not senior to that of the Deputy First Minister (held by Sinn Fein/IRA’s Martin McGuiness).  There are not, strictly speaking, two offices, only one: the office of First and Deputy First Minister.  They are equal!  As Ivan Foster stated bluntly: “Dr. Paisley can’t blow his nose unless Martin McGuiness approves of it.” [18]

It is true in reverse, of course.  But as Ivan Foster points out: “when there’s an appeal to the referee, whose side do you think the referee will be on?”

From this position of power, Sinn Fein/IRA will begin to call the shots, and Paisley will find himself (despite being “First Minister”) being outmaneuvred at almost every turn.  Having got themselves into government, Sinn Fein/IRA will increasingly become the real power in Northern Ireland.  They have the backing of London, Dublin, the powerful Roman Catholic lobby in Washington, the European Union, and indeed liberals, Marxists, and Papists the world over.  And furthermore, Sinn Fein/IRA can always resort again to terrorism to get their way!  For after secret deals with London, the police service of Northern Ireland has been reduced “to little more than an adult version of the ‘Boy Scouts’, presenting little threat to the ongoing criminal activities of Sinn Fein/IRA.”  “Evidence of the changes in the area of law and order that Sinn Fein/IRA has sought and obtained is seen in some recent announcements.  One has to do with the future involvement of the security agency, MI 5.  It is to have no part in the policing of Northern Ireland.  Sinn Fein/IRA claims this as a victory and as a concession to them.” [19]

No wonder Sinn Fein/IRA is now ready to go into a coalition government with the DUP!  “All in all, it must surely be seen by even the most war-weary Ulster unionist that the so-called ‘new day’ that the St Andrew’s Agreement was supposed to usher in is nothing more than that day of Sinn Fein/IRA’s triumph so long sought by them and so long frustrated by the loyal and diligent stance of former generations of Ulster loyalists…. Sinn Fein/IRA seems bent on celebrating their victory with the re-opening of Stormont [Ulster’s parliament] on their terms to which Unionism has shamefully acceded.” [20]


A DUP MEP, Jim Allister, QC, resigned from the party in protest over its decision to share power with Sinn Fein/IRA, saying that organisation was “not fit for government”.  He said that the DUP was set on going into government with Sinn Fein/IRA, even “while the IRA Army Council still exists.” “For me, the abolition of the [IRA’s] Army Council was always the litmus test of the sincerity of Sinn Fein/IRA’s professed transition to involvement in an exclusively peaceful and democratic process.  The Army Council is the apex of the military structures of the republican movement.”  He pointed out that it had long been one of the DUP’s principles, and was in the March 2007 election manifesto, that those structures had to go.  The DUP was going into government with a party which had an illegal terrorist army intact.  Of the Paisley/Adams meeting he said: “My stomach churned at what I saw.  At [the DUP] sitting down with those people and not knowing whether some of them are still members of the IRA Army Council.  They filled coffins day upon day and I have yet to hear a word of regret or repentance or genuine remorse from those men.  What I do hear is glorification of acts of terror by Mr Adams and I feel many people’s stomachs churned and may churn still today.” [21]  If Sinn Fein believed the IRA was truly and irreversibly committed to exclusively peaceful means, he said, there was no need for an IRA army council.  “I just cannot comprehend how the DUP can contemplate government, particularly where it will be joined at the hip in the Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister, with an organisation which clings to an illegal army council of an illegal army,” he said.  And he added: “It seems to me that, sadly, the lure of office has clouded the party’s judgment.” [22]

A DUP councillor, Sam Gaston, also stepped down from the party.  He said, “I think those people who have suffered deserve that we don’t have unrepentant terrorists in government.” [23]


Paisley should have turned to the recent history of South Africa for ample evidence of what happens when men begin to negotiate with terrorists.  When I ministered in many Protestant churches in Northern Ireland in 2003, I made the point that what happened in South Africa could be repeated in Northern Ireland; and now it is indeed beginning to come to pass.  For in SA the government, under huge pressure, began to “negotiate” a “new deal” with the Marxist terrorists of the African National Congress (ANC) and SA Communist Party.  The country’s citizens were assured that this was the best way forward; that power-sharing was inevitable and necessary, even desirable; etc., etc.  But every step of the way, the government was out-maneuvred.  Step by step, it was obvious that the ANC/SACP alliance was getting all that it wanted.  As I wrote in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa: “By early 1992, the ‘Congress for a Democratic South Africa’ (CODESA) was well in place, and was rapidly usurping Parliament as the primary decision-making authority in South Africa.  It was an unelected body, consisting of members of various parties but completely dominated by the National Party government and the ANC, and it was working to transform SA into a ‘democratic’ (i.e. Marxist) country.  The NP had undergone such a radical change that it was unrecognisable as the NP of the past.  Although there were frequent apparent clashes between it and the ANC on various details, the simple reality was that the NP, pressurised by the Bush Administration in the US, the US State Department and various Western countries (who in turn were receiving orders from the Jesuit/Illuminati conspirators), was in the process of handing over power to the ANC/SACP alliance.” [24]  And in 1994 SA fell to the Communist forces in a massively rigged election.  President F.W. de Klerk essentially handed SA on a plate to Nelson Mandela and the ANC.

Certainly there are differences between Northern Ireland and the South African tragedy, but one is struck by the very real similarities in the modus operandi of the terrorists, and in the capitulation of those who should have known better.  All one has to do is simply read “DUP” instead of “NP” into the above paragraph from my book, and “Sinn Fein/IRA” instead of “ANC”, with a few other changes, and paraphrase it as follows, to see what Northern Ireland could be like under this “coalition” government in the very near future: “The DUP had undergone such a radical change that it was unrecognisable as the DUP of the past.  Although there were frequent apparent clashes between it and Sinn Fein/IRA on various details, the simple reality was that the DUP, pressurised by London and Dublin, and doubtless others, was in the process of handing over (full) power to Sinn Fein/IRA.”

Take heed, also, to the following quotation from the book: “South Africa was in the late stages of the first phase of a classic Marxist-Leninist revolution: Phase One was to establish a coalition government between Communists and non-Communists; and Phase Two was to establish a ‘People’s Democracy’ (a Communist state), after all non-Communists had been purged out of government.” [25]  Again, substitute “Roman Catholic/Communist terrorists” for “Communists”, etc., and it can be paraphrased as follows: “Phase One was to establish a coalition government between Roman Catholic/Communist terrorists and non-Romanists (Protestants);and Phase Two was to establish a United Ireland, a Roman Catholic state, after all non-Papists had been purged out of government.”  It is chilling, is it not?  Northern Ireland, having established a coalition government in May 2007, has now entered Phase Two of the Vatican/Sinn Fein/IRA revolution.