Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland

For his part, Adams said relations between the people of Northern Ireland had been marred by centuries of conflict and hurt, but “now there is a new start, with the help of God.” [10]  What Adams conveniently failed to say, however, was that the conflict and hurt of the last decades was caused for the most part by the vile, cowardly terrorism of his IRA!

At the ceremony in Belfast on May 8, when the new government was launched, Paisley said: “From the depths of my heart I can say to you today that I believe Northern Ireland has come to a time of peace, a time when hate will no longer rule.” [11]  How could he be so foolish?  How could he truly believe that sharing power with hardened criminals, murderers, terrorists, most of whom are loyal members of the Roman Catholic religion, could possibly bring true peace or be in the best interests of Northern Ireland?  Does he honestly believe that the IRA has changed?  That these Papist thugs no longer hate Protestants and Protestantism?  That somehow it will all “work out”, and hate-filled Papists will now happily work side by side with Protestants, with no “mental reservations”, and no insidious plans to carry on working until the dream of a united, Roman Catholic Ireland is achieved?  These are men who used guns and bombs to kill thousands of innocent people!  These are men who fired mortar bombs at the British prime minister’s residence, attacked London’s financial centre, and almost killed British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, when a bomb exploded at a hotel in Brighton!

And these are the men who will readily return to conducting an armed terrorist campaign if things do not go their way!

“To agree to Sinn Fein/IRA being in government is to hand them the prize which they by terror sought to attain and for which thousands of loyalists were murdered and maimed by that terror campaign…. To agree to Sinn Fein/IRA being in government is to exonerate murder and terror and reward such evil deeds.  How can the Protestants of Ulster forget the grief and misery caused to innumerable innocent households by the activities of the IRA gunmen and bombers?  How can such activities be ignored and the perpetrators of them be accepted into government?  Such a prospect was utterly unthinkable but a short time ago!” [12]


Pressure was put on Paisley, by both the governments of the United Kingdom and of the predominantly Roman Catholic Republic of Ireland, to accept a deal with Sinn Fein/IRA.  That is not surprising.  What is surprising is that Paisley finally caved in.  The question is: why?  Why, after all these years, has he done what he said he would never do?  Why has he, in fact, gone back on his own teaching and apparent convictions?

Many have felt that Paisley had no choice; that “the alternative” which London was threatening him with was far worse.  This is incorrect, as pointed out by the Voice for Democracy Umbrella Group: “Power-sharing with terrorist-related politicians was not required but has been deliberately chosen by the leadership of the DUP.  Devolution is not necessary, indeed ‘plan B’ never materially existed, but was only an empty threat without intent used by the British Government to pressurise Unionists.  Without devolution, direct rule would naturally continue and the cooperation between the British and Irish Governments, in relation to Northern Ireland, would remain within the framework defined by the principles of international law.  The decision made by politicians who claim to be democrats to compromise with terrorists has led them to approve what they had previously rejected: the Belfast Agreement, with the few practical changes made at St Andrews.  Then the same politicians purposely deceived and blackmailed the electorate into voting for the power-sharing system.  Finally they are now engaging in open collaboration with unrepentant terrorists.” [13]

Besides, even if London’s threats were very real, far better to stand on principle than to cave in and compromise.

The following is from Machiavellian Lessons: “From the start, the ‘Protestant’ capitulation to its principles was so marked it was breathtaking, which must surely have astonished even those who were gleeful at what they were watching, namely, the crumbling of the opposition’s resolve.  Boris Johnson described the situation perfectly: ‘First we said we wouldn’t talk to them on principle, and yet we did.  Then we said that formal negotiations couldn’t begin unless the IRA began to decommission.  The IRA detonated the Docklands bomb.  Formal negotiations began.  Then we said that there could be no deal, no climax to the negotiations, unless the IRA handed in some weapons, and showed that they were at least prepared to act like politicians rather than murderers.  The Belfast Agreement was made, complete with cross-border bodies.  No weapons were handed in.  At which point we made the men of violence a final offer.  We would not spring them early from jail unless weapons were decommissioned.  No weapons were forthcoming.  The prisoners were released in droves.  Then we said that there was absolutely no way, no way, the IRA – or its representatives in Sinn Fein – could expect to be included in the new devolved government, unless some weapons were handed over.  No weapons have been handed over and the wolf grins and grins.  The punishment beatings go on in Ulster, and the threat of a resumption of violence, another mainland bomb, is always there.  As Gerry [Adams] said, and he knew of what he spoke, ‘they haven’t gone away, you know.’

“Yes, ‘the wolf grins and grins’, and the ‘lamb’ bleats and bleats its protests but to little effect.  Onlookers around the world are baffled.  Why has there been no decommissioning of weapons, and why is there such weak-kneed capitulation on the ‘Protestant’ side?” [14]

This is so similar to what happened in South Africa prior to 1994 that it is chilling!  “Negotiations”!  They are nothing but a vehicle for the advance of the terrorists, and the retreat of those opposing them.


Ian Paisley is on record as now saying that Sinn Fein is today a different party from the one the DUP faced when it embarked on a process of trying to transform Republicanism. [15]  But Sinn Fein/IRA has not, in any sense, veered from its ultimate goal of uniting Northern Ireland with the Roman Catholic South – and Paisley knows this.  He has always known it.  He therefore must also know that this new power-sharing arrangement will never satisfy Sinn Fein/IRA.  It will relentlessly push on for a united Ireland.  Does he honestly believe that he and his party, having given way on this matter, can forever prevent Sinn Fein/IRA, backed by the Roman Catholic institution, from reaching its ultimate goal of a united, Roman Catholic Ireland?