Exposing “The Da Vinci Code”

Summary: an Attack on Christ, His Gospel, and His Church

  Thus, this book is an attack upon the Lord Jesus Christ, for it depicts Him as a mere man, who fathered a child by Mary Magdalene.

  And it is an attack upon the Gospel of Christ, for obviously anyone who believes in, and follows, Jesus Christ, if He was who the book says He was, is following a mere man.  In addition, as The Da Vinci Code makes reference to so-called Gnostic “gospels”, which are not divinely inspired but merely the works of enemies of the truth, people will be drawn to accepting such lies as the “Gospel truth.”

  But also, it is an attack upon the true Church of Christ.  Some might say, “But it’s an attack upon the Roman Catholic institution, not the true Church!”  They might expect us to be happy to see Rome attacked in the book.  However, it is not that simple:

  Nothing Dan Brown writes could ever expose even a fraction of the lies, false beliefs, human traditions, and massive cover-ups that characterise Roman Catholicism.  The truth about Roman Catholicism is far more horrifying than anything in Dan Brown’s fiction.  He writes of how the Roman Catholic institution supposedly invented a story about Mary Magdalene and got this story incorporated in the Gospel accounts of the life of Christ.  This is fiction, not fact.  Rome did no such thing.  But what did the Papal system do?  It baptized the heathen doctrine of the mother-goddess worshipped around the world, calling this false deity “the Virgin Mary”, and exalted her to a position even superior to that of its own false “christ”!  It gave “Mary” powers that the true Mary, the mother of the Lord, never had, it commands its blinded adherents to pray to her, sing hymns to her, build shrines in her honour, and it sets her up as assisting Christ in the salvation of the world!  Truly, Roman Catholicism has invented a tale about Mary: not the “Mary Magdalene” of Dan Brown’s imagination, but the “Mary” worshipped by over a billion Roman Catholics worldwide as the “Mother of God”! The truth, dear reader, is stranger than fiction indeed.

  But the problem with the book’s attack on Roman Catholicism is this: it presents the Roman Catholic institution as “the true Church”; thus, anything in the book exposing the falsehood of the Roman Catholic “Church” is seen as exposing true Christianity, by the millions who read it!  And thus, by presenting Roman Catholicism as “the Church”, it leads its readers to believe that Christianity is a lie; a deception!

Playing into Rome’s Hands

  And last but not least: in a backhanded way, The Da Vinci Code, despite its anti-Romanism, may in the long run actually play right into Rome’s hands!  Now this may surprise many; so let us go into this in some detail.

  The first way in which this may occur, can be seen by the way Opus Dei, for example, is already turning the book to its own advantage.  Dan Brown writes of Opus Dei in the book.  Opus Dei (Latin for “God’s Work”) is a secretive Roman Catholic organisation, extremely powerful and wealthy.  Opus members include priests and non-priests, men and women, married and unmarried people, and many hold key positions in business, politics, etc.  Often their affiliation to the organisation is unknown to others.  These are facts!  And so, in writing his book, Brown saw an opportunity: to make Opus Dei a part of his conspiracy book, as being deeply involved in protecting “the Church” from its enemies: murdering, drugging people, etc.  Opus Dei, of course, denied all these things: as sales of the book soared, the Opus website stated, “Opus Dei is a Catholic institution and adheres to Catholic doctrine, which clearly condemns immoral behaviour, including murder, lying, stealing, and generally injuring people”.

  Such disclaimers notwithstanding, anyone with an understanding of the true history of Roman Catholicism knows that Roman Catholic doctrine has never stood in the way of the Roman Catholic institution being involved in murder, lying, stealing, etc.!  History is replete with the evidence.  The Jesuit Order alone has been guilty of all these things and more – and although the impression is given that the Jesuits and Opus Dei are enemies, behind the scenes this is not the case.  The fact is that Opus Dei, like the Jesuit Order, is a dangerous organisation that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals!  So Brown was correct in this.  This is why his book has become so popular: there is just enough truth in it to make it all seem plausible, in the minds of millions.

  Amazingly, however, although The Da Vinci Code does not depict Opus Dei in a good light at all, there are indications that the organisation is actually turning the book to its own advantage!  For example, in Britain a Radio 4 programme on 27 October 2005 claimed to have been granted “unrestricted access” to Opus Dei; and Channel 4 TV’s “Opus Dei and the Da Vinci Code” aired on 12 December 2005.  But the interviewers on both programmes treated Opus Dei with kid gloves.  “The interviewers did not press issues and did not probe.  This was presumably a condition of access to Opus.  One investigator was a former monk.  The alleged ‘unrestricted access’ was stage managed and – mostly limited – to the women’s quarters. (The women in Opus are entirely separate and inferior to the men.)… Channel 4 had posed the question, ‘Does Opus Dei deserve its sinister portrayal?’  The programme’s tame verdict was a foregone conclusion”.[7]

  Given the huge influence Opus Dei members exert in all fields, including the media, this is not surprising.

  But Opus was not finished turning Dan Brown’s book to its advantage.  On the TV programme, 60 students at the London School of Economics were shown attending a lecture on 5 May 2005, entitled “The Da Vinci Code and Opus Dei: the Da Vinci Code Fact or Fiction?  Opus Dei Tells All.”  And the lecturer was Andrew Soane, Director of the Opus Dei Information Office in Britain.  Another Opus director, Jack Valero, said: “A few years ago Opus Dei was virtually unknown outside Catholic circles.  Now 70 million people have heard of Opus Dei.  They have heard a pack of lies.  We can now explain what Opus Dei is and what it does…. It is a great opportunity.”

  Valero also said, “People read the book and phone in.”  When the interviewer suggested to him, “Dan Brown is your best recruiting agent,” Valero replied, “Maybe he has done something he did not intend to.”