The “Fatima” Project: Mariolatry And Roman Catholic “Salvation”

  The covering letter says at another point: “The eternal salvation of souls is at stakesouls loved by Our Blessed Mother and for whom Our Lord Jesus Christ shed the last drop of His Most Precious Blood as He suffered and died on the cross.”

  Do you see how Mary is made to play a part in the salvation of souls?  Yes, they admit that Christ shed His blood for souls; but the words, “The eternal salvation of souls is at stake – souls loved by Our Blessed Mother” essentially set out the Roman Catholic doctrine that Mary is in reality a “co-saviour” with the Lord Jesus Christ.  She is as essential to salvation as Christ is.  This is again shown at the end of the letter, where the executive project director signs himself, “Yours in Jesus and Mary.”  Mary is placed on an equality with Christ.  To the Roman Catholic, he is as much “in” Mary as he is “in” Christ.

  In 1987, the Roman pope, John Paul II, said that Mary “leads us to Christ”, and that we “express our wish to return to God through Mary” (The Southern Cross, 28 June 1987).  In the Roman Catholic book, True Devotion to Mary, by Louis de Montfort, 1974, pg.24, it states: “Devotion to our Blessed Lady is necessary to salvation”.  In the official handbook of the Legion of Mary, published in Dublin in 1975, pg. 144, is this blasphemous statement: “That woman (Mary) is the mother alike of the Redeemer and the redeemed.  It was first from her veins that the blood was drawn… which has ransomed the world.”  A prayer to Mary which Roman Catholics use goes like this: “Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, Hail our life, our sweetness and our hope.  To thee do we cry…” (Our Sacrifice – the New Order of the Mass, by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy, 1968.  Salesian Catholic Repository).

  And it’s significant that she is the one said to love the souls of men, whereas Christ is said to die for them.  There is nothing about Him loving souls!  The Roman Catholic teaching is that Mary is more compassionate than Christ, more loving, for she is a woman and therefore more tender, and it is safer to pray to her than Christ, letting her intercede with her Son on one’s behalf, because He is stern whereas she is kind and loving and merciful!  In the Roman Catholic book, The Glories of Mary, by Alphonsus de Liguori, some astounding statements are made: it says that one should call upon Mary rather than Christ; it states, “Many things… are asked from God, and not granted; they are asked from Mary, and are obtained”; and, “Our salvation is in the hands of Mary”.  What a horrible, satanic doctrine this is!


Roman Catholic “Evangelistic” Zeal: a Challenge to the True Church

  The letter continues: “Our South Africa Needs Fatima volunteers launched this dynamic and challenging campaign to help bring about this peace by spreading tens of thousands of leaflets.  Already, it has touched the lives of people in places all around the country…. And people’s lives are being changed!… But now we must reach out to more people!… In Britain, over a million people have been reached in only a few years!  In America, almost ten million people have been touched by Our Lady’s beautiful leaflet in that time.  We have teams of young volunteers proclaiming Our Lady’s message in countries on every continent throughout the world!”

  Consider the fanatical zeal of these poor, blind people.  They are so devoted to this false message, that they are going into all the world with it.  Do they have the true Gospel?  No!  Do they have true Gospel literature – tracts, or Bibles, for example – to hand out to people?  No!  What are they passing out ?  Leaflets about the Roman Catholic goddess, “Mary”, and her false message!  This is what they are spending their time and energy and money promoting the world over!