More Protestant Praise for the Pope of Rome

More Protestant Praise for the Pope of Rome, PDF format

In my article, The Death of Pope John Paul II, the Pope of Rome, I wrote: “You will now begin to hear the praises heaped upon his head by so-called ‘Christian’, ‘Evangelical’ leaders the world over: men like Billy Graham, for example… and many, many others will all sing his praises, speaking of him as a great Christian man, many even saying he was the greatest Christian man in all the world! They will tell the world that he is now in heaven.”

I also wrote of “the tragedy of blind leaders of the blind – so-called ‘Protestant’ leaders, calling themselves Evangelicals – speaking well of this Antichrist, praising him, and actually holding him up to a world of lost sinners as an example of Christ-likeness and faithfulness to the Gospel!…. The death of this pope will reveal the hearts and motives and real natures of many, many highly-esteemed Protestant ministers! It will show who they really serve and follow: Christ, or the devil! It will bring to light, again, for those with eyes to see, that these men are wolves in sheep’s clothing, deceitful workers!”

Well, it did not take long for the “big-name” so-called “Evangelical Protestant” leaders to fall over one another in their scramble to mount a platform and blow a trumpet for the late John Paul II, thereby deceiving Roman Catholics and Protestants alike with their proclamation of a false ‘gospel’ as they praised the false ‘christ’ and his soul-damning heresies.

Soon after the death of John Paul II, I published an article called Protestant Leaders Praise the Pope of Rome. In that article I quoted the praises being heaped on his head by various “Protestants”. Well, as was to be expected, the praises continued to pour in, hence the need for this second article. Of course, I use the term “Protestant” very loosely here, for these men are “Protestants” in name only. So here are the comments of still more “Protestants”, singing the praises of the Antichrist:
Charismatics and Pentecostals were quick to jump on the bandwagon and sing John Paul’s praises. One of the world’s most famous (that should be infamous) and influential Charismatics is Benny Hinn. The man is an outright heretic and an extremely dangerous false teacher, but of course this can be said of other “Protestants” quoted here too. This is a man who has often praised the Roman pope and spoken of Romanists as his “brethren in Christ.” Well, neither he nor they worship the true Christ, so they are indeed “brethren”, although not in the way Hinn thinks. Hinn was there at the Vatican, attending John Paul II’s funeral, by invitation. He also participated in a private mass in St Peter’s Basilica for members of the Vatican staff who worked closely with the late pope. Makes one wonder about Benny Hinn’s own relationship with the Vatican!

In an interview, Hinn made the following comments: “the pope was a man who was guided by a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and whose legacy will be marked by an intense passion for evangelism” ( A blind leader of the blind indeed! John Paul II’s motto was “Totally Yours,” referring to Mary, not Christ – and yet Benny Hinn says that he was guided by a love for Christ! Which “christ”, Mr Hinn? Certainly not the Christ of God. The “christ” the pope loved was the Roman Catholic “christ” of the mass, the wafer-“christ”, and the “christ” of the Roman Catholic crucifix.

After returning from the Vatican, Benny Hinn invited two Roman Catholic priests onto his TV show. And then this wolf in sheep’s clothing proceeded to praise the Roman Catholic institution, and thus to lead multitudes astray (Media Spotlight, Volume 28, Number 2, Redmond, Washington).

Hinn said: “You know, I have told the world that I love the Catholic Church, and I do with all my heart.” He introduced his two priest-guests, saying of one of them that he is “a magnificent man of God”; and addressing the other one he said, “you are a man of God. You are filled with the Holy Spirit; you are anointed; you’ve touched millions all throughout the world.” Then he went on to speak about his time in the Vatican for the funeral of John Paul:

“…last week I was at the Vatican and I was amazed by what I saw. And I was so moved by what I felt. And sitting in the special memorial service for the pope – and I’m in tears sitting there – I’m just so overwhelmed by what I’m feeling. After the service was over, one of our people was with me, what amazed him is that he felt God’s presence…. Why is it that some people have such questions? You know, they almost think like God isn’t supposed to be there, you know. Why?”

It’s very easy to answer your question, Benny: the Vatican is Satan’s seat, and the Bible calls this abominable religious institution “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2). Now which should we rather believe, Benny? The Word of the living God, or you and your crew who think they “feel God’s presence” in that place of darkness and sin?

Benny Hinn, according to God’s Word, is a false teacher, a deceiver, and is in fact serving the Papal Antichrist by promoting this religion of darkness with all his might.

Hinn said, also, of the pope: “His life was characterized by enormous warmth, a deep sense of righteousness, and he was one of civilization’s great defenders of peace. It was my distinct honor to have met him on two separate occasions…. Archbishop O’Brien introduced me to the pontiff and said, ‘This is Benny Hinn, a Pentecostal minister and our friend'”.