What Kind of Pope Will Benedict XVI Be?

  As further evidence of this fact, note that in the same breath as he condemned atheistic Marxism, Ratzinger also condemned the free market!  This is known as buttering one’s bread on both sides.  The Vatican has its own agenda, and will make use of whichever ideology suits it at the time.  Under Pius XII, it backed Nazism and Fascism and opposed Communism; then under John XXIII, it began to back Communism and opposed Capitalism; then under Paul VI, it backed Communism even more; and under John Paul II, it backed its own version of Communism and opposed Moscow-controlled Communism.  The Vatican always puts its finger to the wind, to see which way the political wind is blowing, and then adjusts itself accordingly. 

  “Catholic Marxism, although theologically conservative, is a sure formula for world revolution.  It is the most dangerous ideological imponderable to emerge in the Western World in recent years.  Its ultimate objective is the partial overthrow of the current world order, as a preparatory step for the advent of a Catholicised world communism.  In a society doomed to collapse, Marxist Catholicism would thus turn the Vatican into a global, super-religious, ideological imperative whose capacity to withstand both the U.S. and Soviet Russia would be second to none…. By adopting a Catholicised Marxism, the Catholic Church has launched into the contemporary world the most insidiously destructive religio-ideological imponderable the like of which has never been seen since the emergence of either Bolshevism or Fascism” (The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance, by Avro Manhattan, pgs.12,13.  Second American Edition, Chick Publications, Chino, California, 1986).

  Ratzinger also has the support of Opus Dei, the secretive and ultra-conservative Roman Catholic organisation working for a world under Vatican control.


  Another reason given by the new pope for taking the name of Benedict was to “evoke the spirit of St Benedict, founder of Western monasticism.”  And why is this so important to the new pope?  It is because he is zealously committed to working for a Europe that is Roman Catholic in religion and politics.  “In choosing Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to succeed Pope John Paul II as Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church has cast a vote for the survival of Europe and the West” (FrontPageMagazine.com, April 20, 2005).  Roman Catholic numbers have been falling in Europe for a long time now, and the Vatican is deeply concerned.  In addition, Islam is growing in Europe and this is deeply troubling to the Vatican, and to Ratzinger.  Europe is the birthplace of Popery and the centre of its power.  At all costs it must maintain firm control over the continent.  This was one of the main reasons why Joseph Ratzinger was chosen as pope in the first place, and he is fully committed to using his vast influence to make certain that the European Union is “the greatest super-Catholic state the world has ever seen”, as a priest once commented many years ago.  Speaking of the original Benedict, Pope Ratzinger said: “he is a basic point of reference for the unity of Europe and a strong reminder of the undeniable Christian [translation: Papist] roots of its culture and civilisation” (The Southern Cross, May 11 to 17, 2005).