What Kind of Pope Will Benedict XVI Be?

Pope Benedict XVI, PDF format

The new pope, Joseph Ratzinger, who has taken the name of Benedict XVI,  is doctrinally, cast in the mould of John Paul II.  That is to say, he is a doctrinal conservative when it comes to Roman Catholic doctrine and dogma.  He has been described as a “hardline conservative”, “the ultimate Vatican insider, John Paul II’s right-hand man, and the man who for the last 24 years was the defender and promoter of an increasingly unbending orthodoxy.  One of his nicknames was God’s Rottweiler” (Source: Daily Mail and Guardian).

It was not surprising that he was elected, given the fact that his predecessor had stuffed the College of Cardinals with men made in his own image, for the most part.

Why did the new Roman pontiff adopt the name Benedict XVI?  Let him tell us in his own words: “I wanted to call myself Benedict XVI to bind myself to the venerated Pope Benedict XV, who guided the Church in a troubled period because of the First World War.  He was a courageous and authentic prophet of peace and worked with valiant courage first to prevent the drama of war and then to limit its nefarious consequences.  In his footsteps, I want to place my ministry at the service of reconciliation and harmony among individuals and peoples” (The Southern Cross, May 11 to 17, 2005).

Of course, history is so little known by the masses today that these words will simply be believed at face value by most.  But the truth about Benedict XV is far more sinister.  He was pope of Rome from 1914 to 1922.  He was extremely sympathetic to Germany and Austria, so much so that he did not condemn the German invasion of Belgium.  He tried to prevent Italy and the United States from joining the Allies.  He did his best to save Germany and Austria-Hungary from defeat.  And after the war, Italy insisted that he be barred from the Versailles Peace Conference – so well known were his sympathies with the aggressors (The Vatican Against Europe, by Edmond Paris, pgs.49-64.  The Wickliffe Press, London, 1961).

In addition, this same pope fully supported the IRA rebellion in 1916 in Ireland, conferring his “apostolic benediction” on the IRA gunmen.

This was the man who is so admired by the present pontiff of Rome, that he took the same name!  It tells us much about the character of the new pope.  He is a liar and a deceiver.  Furthermore, just like his beloved Benedict XV, Benedict XVI is fully committed to using the world’s political powers to advance the cause of Vatican domination of the world.


In political matters, in the age-old Vatican desire for absolute world domination, Ratzinger is no different from his predecessor, nor indeed from any pope before him.  Preaching to the cardinals before the conclave which elected him, Ratzinger warned against the moral relativism of modern secular life, and urged them to withstand the “tides of trends and latest novelties… from Marxism to free market liberalism to even libertarianism, from collectivism to radical individualism, from atheism to a vague religious mysticism” (Source: Guardian Newspapers Ltd., 2005).

This is where Christians need to be careful.  Before immediately assuming, from statements like this one, that Benedict XVI is anti-Communist, they must consider the following facts.  John Paul II was a pro-Marxist pope – yet he often spoke strongly against Marxism!  Why?  Well, what he was opposed to was Marxism as directed from Moscow, not Marxism per se.  He actively promoted the Vatican’s own brand of “Catholic Communism”, a Communism directed from Rome, not from Moscow; a Communism that sought to divest itself of its atheistic roots; a Communism that was a merger of Roman Catholicism and certain key aspects of Marxism.

Thus, bearing in mind that Ratzinger is a man cast in the John Paul mould, one must understand that when Ratzinger speaks out against Marxism, atheism, collectivism, etc., he is, like his predecessor, merely condemning atheistic Marxism, but not Marxism per se.  The reality is that the Vatican is supporting Marxism all over the world, most notably in Third World countries, and has been for decades now.