The Inquisitor-General Becomes the Pope of Rome

Such were just some of the popes who bore the name of Benedict through the centuries: wicked men,  very far from being the “Holy Father” as they are called by their devotees, or the “Vicar of Christ”, or the “Lamb of the Vatican”, or “Christ in office, jurisdiction and power”, or any of the other blasphemous titles that have been heaped upon them.  And Joseph Ratzinger has chosen to be known as Benedict XVI.


True Christians must not be fooled.  Antichrist is on his throne, spouting his blasphemies, seeking to conquer the world.  One man dies, another takes his place.  “Take heed,” the Lord Jesus warned, “that no man deceive you.  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matt.24:4,5).  The dynasty of the Antichrist lives on, and will continue until Christ destroys it, and returns to this earth.  For the present, Joseph Ratzinger is that Man of Sin, that Son of Perdition.  Satan’s seat, the Vatican, has its new head.  The Great Whore, the Roman Catholic institution (Rev.17), continues on, sitting upon and oppressing the peoples and nations of the earth, with whom the rulers of the earth continue to commit fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth are made drunk with the wine of her fornication.  That great city, the city of Rome, continues to reign over the kings of the earth.

It is very doubtful that Ratzinger, as pope, will ever match the immense worldwide popularity of John Paul II.  But then again, there was probably not a single cardinal who could.  As we have said before, the latter was the greatest Public Relations Officer that Rome ever had.  From Rome’s perspective, his was an impossible act to follow.  And Ratzinger, the stern, frightening Inquisitor-General, who hardly ever seemed to smile for photos in the past but still managed to look menacing and sinister when he did, will almost certainly not have the previous pope’s charisma and charm.  This is going to be a major loss for the Vatican.

But then again, Ratzinger will not live that long.  From Rome’s perspective, there is always that.


20 April 2005

Shaun Willcock is a minister of the Gospel, and lives in South Africa.  He runs Bible Based Ministries.


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