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Bible Based Ministries is run by Shaun  Willcock, a minister, author and researcher.

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by Shaun Willcock

Satan's Seat Book Cover Image

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There is a powerful and sinister institution at work in the world, claiming to be Christian but in reality antichristian, which is all the more deadly because it appears so beautiful and holy to so many. According to the Word of God, fully supported by the historical evidence which perfectly fits the prophetic picture, this is the Roman Catholic institution. This biblical truth has been believed by countless numbers of God’s people through the centuries, but it is not believed by the multitudes of modern-day “Protestants,” caught up in the pursuit of “unity” with the Roman Catholic institution. It is the purpose of this book to bring the truth to light.

Satan’s Seat traces this masterpiece of the devil from its origins in ancient paganism to its final prophetic destruction. It has been written so that the Christian reader will have, in his hands, a book which gives a panoramic view of centuries of history. Fully documented and easy to read, it also presents the Gospel to Roman Catholics, Protestants, and others.

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