Trappings Of Popery


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True Christians reject the great heretical doctrines of Roman Catholicism.  And yet Popery has been so all-pervading in society and in religious matters for so many long centuries that it has influenced even true Christian churches and infected, to some degree at least, even the lives of true Christians, for they have often retained various trappings of Popery, either out of ignorance, or because they view them as mere trifling matters, or because they simply cannot bear to part with them.  But none of the garments of this old harlot system (Rev. 17:1-6) should be worn by the members of Christ's virgin bride.  No Christian should ever be like ungodly Achan, hiding any "goodly Babylonish garment" in his tent (Jos. 7:21)!  The Lord's people must fully "come out" of Popery (Rev. 18:4); but many flee from this "Babylon" like Rachel fleeing from her father's house – with her father's gods hidden amongst her possessions.
This book is an examination of various Popish trappings.