Bible Prophecy

The Great Whore Of Revelation
(The prophecy of the Roman Catholic system in Rev.17 examined)
The Great Whore of Revelation, Microsoft Word format
The Great Whore of Revelation, Rich Text format

Bible Prophecy Speaks Of Popery
(Do not be sidetracked!)
Bible Prophecy speaks of Popery, Microsoft Word format
Bible Prophecy speaks of Popery, Rich Text format

The Antichrist
(A biblical study of the identity of the Antichrist: the Roman Papacy alone fulfils the prophetic picture)
The Antichrist, Microsoft Word format
The Antichrist, Rich Text format

The “Islamic Antichrist” Deception
The “Islamic Antichrist” Deception
(A refutation of the erroneous notion that the Antichrist will be a Muslim)

Europe In Bible Prophecy
Europe In Bible Prophecy
(Is the European Union the fulfilment of the prophecies about the “ten kings”? This pamphlet upholds the Historicist position on prophecy, showing that the prophecies relating to European nations began to be fulfilled centuries ago, and that in fact they will never truly merge)


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