The Pope of Rome vs. The Ayatollahs and Sheikhs of Islam

The Gospel must be preached to Muslims, and that includes exposing the hideousness of the Islamic religion. But Christians must also be very careful not to in any sense support the pope of Rome in this matter, or to fall for the lie that Islam is a greater danger than Roman Catholicism. Christians need to always remember that of the two religions, the one that claims to be “the one true Church” is by far the more deadly. Both will readily kill the body, and adherence to either one will result in eternal damnation of the soul; but Romanism is counterfeit “Christianity”, and for this reason it is by far the more dangerous of the two. Benedict may have said some true things about Islam; but Christians must never, ever, ever forget who this man is. He is the biblical Antichrist (as each and every pope is), and his religion is just as much a “religion of the sword” as Islam! In fact, Roman Catholicism taught Islam much about violence!

Thus the fact that the Roman pope said such things about Islam does not impress us in the least – his words were hypocritical in the extreme. But that does not mean we feel Islam should not be condemned with very strong language. We do! It must! No true Christian should ever apologise for “telling it like it is” when it comes to Islam or any other false religion – including most especially, Roman Catholicism. We reject the pope’s words, not because of their content – for what he said about Islam happened to be true – but because the pope of Rome, the biblical Antichrist, does not have a leg to stand on when it comes to condemning violence, and is nothing but a religious hypocrite, the greatest wolf in sheep’s clothing on the face of the earth.

So: why did Benedict say such things? Although the Roman Catholic religion is officially engaged in “dialogue” with Islam and other religions, this is all just a front to advance Papal authority across the world. The entire “interfaith movement” is a clever tactic on the part of Rome to eventually subdue, divide, and conquer all other religions on earth. For at heart the Roman Catholic religion believes itself to be the only true faith, and will stop at nothing to conquer the entire earth. For many long centuries, Roman Catholic and Muslim armies have clashed and fought across countries and continents. And although the Papacy wants to dominate the whole world, Europe in particular is seen by her as belonging to her in a very special sense. Until the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, Europe was an almost entirely Roman Catholic continent, and still today Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion.

The headquarters of the Papal religion is in Italy, a European country, and Europe, more than any other continent, has been under the iron heel of the Vatican for centuries. And now, with Roman Catholicism in Europe threatened by both European secularism and Islamic immigration, the Vatican has been increasingly speaking up about the need (from its own perspective) to “preserve Europe’s Roman Catholic roots.” Benedict himself, before he became pope, for example, made it clear that he was very opposed to Turkey, a Muslim country, joining the European Union (which the Vatican wants to control and dominate as a Roman Catholic super-state). And after the September 11 attack in the USA, he said on Vatican Radio that “the history of Islam… contains a tendency to violence.” So there can be no question whatsoever that the pope knew exactly what he was doing when he made those remarks – and that in all likelihood he hoped for precisely this kind of reaction to them.