Lest We Forget – The Truth about Nelson Mandela

Foreign Force Manipulates Mandela

by the British Intelligence Digest


(This article was published in August 1992, and reproduced in The Aida Parker Newsletter, Issue No. 156, August 1992.  Mandela became president under two years later)


  With the De Klerk government having virtually dismantled SA’s once-powerful intelligence services, far too little is known about new threats which rise and expand almost every day.  One of these is the rise – and rise – of Islamic fundamentalism, both as a political and religious force, in this country.  British Intelligence Digest, 29.7.92, does our work for us:


   A new and sinister development for South Africa is the increasing role being played by Islamic countries in its domestic affairs.  SA has a Muslim population of 400 000, and while some of them are politically moderate, some of their leaders share the views of Muslim fundamentalists.  In recent weeks, Nelson Mandela visited a number of Islamic states, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran, all of which have supported the ANC and its affiliates both financially and politically since the late 1970s.

  In a ceremony at Teheran University on July 22, Mandela became the first person to receive an honorary doctorate since Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 Islamic revolution.  Mandela’s remarks on that occasion should be taken seriously by Western leaders still supporting the ANC.  He said: ‘The people of Africa will make Iran’s Islamic revolution a model for their revolutionary moves.’  A crowd of students, professors and officials at the graduation ceremony chanted ‘Salute to Africa!  Salute to Mandela!’

  The day before receiving his doctorate, Mandela laid a wreath at Khomeini’s tomb outside Teheran and met President Rafsanjani, who urged SA Blacks to become involved in an armed struggle against the De Klerk Government.  Mandela later met Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

  Mandela was first introduced to the basic tenets of Islam by a fellow activist Maulvi Cachalia before he was sent to prison on Robben Island.  Later, while in prison, he was often visited by Imam Abdurahman Bessler with whom he had long conversations.  Meanwhile, Mandela’s continuing strength and appeal abroad is not matched by his position at home, where his views are progressively being ignored by the White and Indian communist cabal running the ANC/SACP alliance.  It was on the advice of this cabal that he broke negotiations with the government.

  APN comment: This journal has repeatedly warned over the years that Pretoria was giving insufficient attention to the vast surge of Islam in Africa… or to the unlimited potential for mischief inherent in militant Islam.  Further, it is illuminating to note that Mandela is once again being used by a radical foreign pressure group for its own ends and in pursuit of its own objectives.