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Billy Graham: Servant of Rome, Not Servant of Christ

Billy Graham, PDF format

Billy Graham died on the 21st February 2018, at the age of 99.  He was, beyond question, one of the most influential men in modern history.  It has been estimated that he preached to something in the region of 200 million people, in at least 180 countries and territories of the world.  And hundreds of millions more heard him via radio, TV, film, etc., so that some estimates of the numbers he reached go as high as 2.2 billion people.[1]  Millions think of him as a wonderful Christian and the world’s greatest preacher. Continue reading

Jesuits on the Big and Little Screens in 2017

Jesuits on the Big and Little Screens in 2017, PDF format

  With a Jesuit sitting in the seven-hilled city as Pope Francis I, and the Jesuit Order holding the Vatican in a grip of iron, the Order is on top of the world, riding a wave of global power and authority and enjoying celebrity status. 

  The pontificate of Francis I is the reign of Jesuitism. 

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Damaging Monuments to White South African History

Damaging Monuments to White South African History, PDF format

Students and the Rhodes Statue

  It started at the University of Cape Town on March 9, 2015, with the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the mighty British Imperialist, founder of Rhodesia, and a man whose shadow looms large over all of southern Africa.  A black student named Chumani Maxwele was at the forefront of it all, as he and a handful of other students doused the statue of Rhodes in human excrement.  Yes, these “stool soldiers”, these brave “toilet revolutionaries”, these future leaders of South Africa (makes you shudder, doesn’t it?), spent time gathering together sufficient human dung (don’t even ask how), carried it from wherever they or others excreted it, and then threw it over the statue.  “As black students we are disgusted by the fact that this statue still stands here today as it is a symbol of white supremacy,” said this water-closet wonder, giving his reason for this filthy act.

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Nelson Mandela International Day: a Substitute Messiah is Idolised by the World

Nelson Mandela International Day: a Substitute Messiah is Idolised by the World, PDF format

Nelson Mandela turned 92 on the 18th July this year.  The fawning praise heaped upon him was sickening to behold, with newspapers full of birthday greetings from tearful admirers, and the media literally awash in adulation that seemed to never end and to reach ever greater heights of idol-worship.

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