3) A Brief History of Bible Based Ministries

  In 1988 my first book, Satan’s Seat, was published.  It gives a concise but panoramic view of the Roman Catholic institution, from its origins in ancient Babylonian heathenism to its final destruction according to Bible prophecy.    As stated in the introduction to the book: “There are other materials which concentrate on one main aspect of Roman Catholicism (although these are often difficult to obtain today): its history, or its doctrines, or its origin, or something which it is doing now.  All these are most important.  But the purpose of this book is to tie the threads together…. the intention is to give a sweeping panoramic view of the whole picture.”   It has remained our “vanguard” publication, and continues to be sent to people all over the world.

  One day in 1988, in California, USA, a converted ex-Roman Catholic, one of Alberto Rivera’s co-workers, responsible for answering many of the letters which Rivera received, came across one of the Bible Based Ministries newsletters while rummaging through the post which was waiting to be answered.  He contacted me, and thus began a friendship and fellowship which ultimately led to my wife and I making a number of trips to the United States over the years, meeting other believers, having many adventures, etc.  I was able to assist brethren in two states to establish house churches.  And it eventually led to this brother becoming our major distributor for the materials of Bible Based Ministries.  Truly, the Lord knows the end from the beginning, and He works in mysterious and yet wonderful ways.

  In addition, it was through the contact established with him that finally, the truth about Alberto Rivera was made known not only to myself, but to many others throughout the world.  For as he and others worked closely with Rivera, they saw and heard many things that deeply troubled them about the man.  The evidence continued to stack up, revealing Rivera to be nothing but a fraud and a con man.  He was never a Jesuit priest, and his sinful lifestyle, for which he refused to repent, revealed that he was never truly converted to Christ.  Amongst many other things, he got people to loan him large amounts of money which he promised to repay – but never did.  And many people who purchased his materials never received them.  It reached the point where they separated from him entirely.  We made all this evidence available, and continue to do so.  And thus, with hindsight, we are able to see that one of the reasons for our contact and involvement with Rivera for a time was so that we could play a part in exposing him to the world, in due time.  This having been done, many have seen him for what he really was.  The great work of exposing the Roman Catholic institution as the Great Whore of Bible prophecy does not need frauds such as Alberto Rivera, who do real harm to the cause of the Gospel.  Such men must always be exposed.

  In 1989 we carried out large-scale mail evangelism of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, sending in thousands of tracts through the post.  A small number contacted us after receiving the literature, seeking further help.

  Out of the blue I received a phone call from a man claiming to be an evangelist, and wishing to meet me.  When he arrived with a friend, he confessed that they were, in fact, from the Security Branch of the South African Police.  All went well, although they “just happened” to meet a close relative that same day during her lunch break from work, and “just happened” to strike up a conversation with her and to ask about us.  Obviously we had been monitored for some time.  Their speciality was monitoring religious institutions.  This was at the time when the South African government was engaged in an all-out war against the Communist terrorists seeking to overthrow the state; and these men well knew that Roman Catholic seminaries and other ecclesiastical places were being used by the terrorists as “safe houses”, places where they could hide from the police.  And this was often provided in exchange for sodomite sexual favours.  The policemen who visited me well knew the support being given to the terrorists by religious leaders preaching the heresy of “liberation theology”, and wanted to know what I knew about this diabolical doctrine.  They asked me if I could make use of any of the literature they confiscated from these radical priests.  And sure enough, some weeks later we returned home to find a book pushed under our door.

  On a subsequent visit early the following year, they asked me if I would be willing to give a lecture on the subject of Roman Catholicism to the Security Branch.  Of course I agreed, but sadly the opportunity never came.  The writing was on the wall and these men knew it: they knew that it was just a matter of time before the government, once staunchly anti-Communist and staunchly anti-Romanist as well, would cave in to the demands of the terrorists.  And indeed, just a few short years later, this is precisely what happened, and SA became a Marxist-controlled state. 

  In late 1990 my wife and I travelled to the United States, the first of many trips which we would make to that country; and there we spent two months with brethren in the Lord, and I was able to minister the Word, to baptize a few people, and to assist in the establishment of a small house church.  In addition I was able to make plans for my book, Satan’s Seat, to be professionally printed for the first time, in the U.S. (its first two editions had simply been photocopied and bound).  This far better printed edition became available in 1991.  A fourth edition was published in 1995.

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