3) A Brief History of Bible Based Ministries

  From the outset there were things that troubled me, and I was often uneasy, and even appalled and disgusted by much of what I saw.  And what sights they were!  I saw people supposedly “speaking in tongues”, after being taught to do so by whoever was praying for them, stuttering out unintelligible sounds – people who, as time passed, revealed by their conduct that they had never been truly converted to Christ.  I saw people falling down in frenzied excitement, supposedly “slain in the Spirit”, moaning and writhing, while the meetings degenerated into a cacophony of noise, shouting, crying, bodies lying on the floor.

  It also greatly troubled me that Pentecostals were so worldly.  I thought they would be different from Methodists, but they were not.  Thinking that in Pentecostalism I would find separation from the world, everywhere I looked I saw instead the love of the world, and conformity to it.  I longed for holiness, but those around me longed for signs and wonders, for thrills and entertainment.  Little did I know it at the time, but the reason for this was very simple: the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is a worldly system, full of worldly people who have no desire for holiness because they are strangers to the thrice-holy God.  I was longing for fellowship with people who loved the Lord and desired to live separated lives unto Him, and for His glory; but no matter which way I turned, I could find none.  Yet the Lord did not leave me in my ignorance.  He delivered me from all this in His perfect time.

  For a time I sought to begin mission work amongst the Zulu people.  This was not easy in those days in South Africa: a white man such as myself had to obtain special permission, from a magistrate, to enter areas administered by the Zulu tribal authorities; and in addition permission had to be obtained from the local Zulu elders as well.  I obtained the necessary permission from the magistrate, and sought the permission of the elders; but the Lord closed that door and opened another.

  As I studied the Word of God, Church history, etc., I came over time to see the central place of the Roman Catholic system, both in Bible prophecy and in the events of history through the centuries which fulfilled Bible prophecy, including in modern times, and to understand the utterly lost spiritual state of the millions of Roman Catholic people; and I became burdened to expose this “Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (Rev.17:5), and all her “daughters.”  And so, in 1983 I established a ministry for the purpose of evangelising the Roman Catholic people, and exposing Romanism.  It started in my home with nothing more than a typewriter.  I began issuing a small newsletter, and writing some tracts.  As I recall the first issue went to under ten people! The focus at that time, and for quite some time afterwards, was primarily on evangelism.  The work did not have any name at first; that only came later.

  At that time, however, I was still a Pentecostal, and thus those early years were tainted by my great lack of sound doctrine.  It was only in 1986 that I was fully delivered from all of that.  And after the Lord opened my eyes to the truth about Arminianism and Pentecostalism, it became a part of the work of Bible Based Ministries to expose Arminianism and the deceptions of the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement as well.  As I was to write at a later date in The Bible Based Ministries Newsletter: “The Roman Catholic machine is advancing, politically, through its diabolical Liberation Theology; religiously, it is advancing through, firstly, the Charismatic Movement, and secondly the Ecumenical Movement.  In all this she is satanically clever: let me explain how.  She is using the Charismatic Movement to gain the respect and trust of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Protestants, who are blinded by the phenomenon of Roman Catholics ‘speaking in tongues’, ‘healing the sick’, etc. (such ‘signs and wonders’ are not good enough; what about sound doctrine?).  I want to state here categorically: the Charismatic Movement, both Catholic and Protestant versions, is the devil’s greatest instrument in achieving Ecumenicity.  This is the union (under Rome) of all religious groups.  And, as the Protestants move under her demonic control, what do they increasingly become engaged in?  Liberation Theology, the political ‘gospel’.  How could it be otherwise?  For if Protestant groups are prepared to forsake sound doctrine in favour of a ‘unity’ based upon ‘experiences’, then they will also be prepared to forsake sound doctrine regarding salvation by faith in favour of ‘political salvation’.  Him who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

  In that same September of 1983 when I started the work, I went on a small “missionary journey” up the north coast of the province of Natal, sleeping in a tent and attempting to visit Roman Catholic priests.  I did manage to speak with a couple of them, and to leave tracts at various places, and after I returned home I continued to correspond with them for some time afterwards; but sadly, I was still Arminian and Pentecostal, and thus, while sincere and in great earnestness, the message I was proclaiming to them was not biblically sound. 

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