3) A Brief History of Bible Based Ministries

  In conclusion, the purpose of Bible Based Ministries is the same today as it has been for so many years:

1) To provide Christians with teaching from the Word of God, which: instructs them in the doctrines of the faith; exhorts them to soundness in doctrine and holiness in conduct; warns them of spiritual and physical dangers; reproves error, and rebukes sin. 

2) To provide Christians with teaching, in the light of God’s Word, which: instructs them about the false doctrines, pagan origin, evil history, present activities, and future judgment of the Roman Catholic institution; instructs them about its “daughter” institutions; warns them of its plans against, and assaults upon, the Christian faith and the Christian Church, and of the various trappings of Romanism to be found even within Christian churches and the lives of true Christians; and exhorts them to separate from all such trappings, and also to take a prayerful and active interest in the evangelisation of Roman Catholics. 

3) To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Roman Catholic people, and to all who are lost; to baptize converts; and to teach them to observe all that Christ commanded.

  Our ministries include the publication of books, pamphlets and tracts, and the production of CDs; correspondence with Christians, Roman Catholics, and many others; the preaching of the Gospel, and the distribution of Gospel literature; establishing local churches, and assisting others to establish such churches, as and where the Lord opens the doors, even if they consist of no more than two or three believers (Matt. 18:20); etc.  By the Lord’s grace, small churches have been established in the United States, the United Kingdom, Zambia and South Africa.

  To God be all the glory!


The first edition of this article appeared in the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Bible Based Ministries Newsletter, No. 110, August – October 2008; and was then expanded for the 30th Anniversary Edition, No. 120, September 2013.  It has been slightly edited so as to be issued in this pamphlet format.

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