3) A Brief History of Bible Based Ministries

  We also published a new edition of the book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, with forty photographs included.  And of course, year by year we continued to add many new CDs to our extensive list of recorded sermons and lectures.

  By 2012 all our Gospel tracts had become available online.  And The Jesuits: the Secret Army of the Papacy was published.  This was based on a series of pamphlets I had written some years before, on the subject of the Jesuits.  We live in a time when so little is known of the Jesuits, and yet so much needs to be known.  The New Testament abounds with warnings of wolves in sheep’s clothing: men pretending to be part of the flock of Christ, but in reality wolves disguised as sheep, ministers of Satan pretending to be ministers of righteousness, infiltrating the churches of Christ and bent on destroying them.  And for centuries a ruthless, cunning, secret army has served the global conquest objectives of the Roman Papacy: the Jesuit Order, the most diabolical, fanatical and dangerous  of all Roman Catholic orders.  It stops at nothing in the relentless pursuit of its goal: to destroy all enemies of the Papacy, and to enchain the world to the feet of the pope of Rome.  And against Protestantism, in particular, the Jesuits have always directed their energies, by infiltration of Protestant churches, posing as Protestant ministers, undermining the true faith, sowing discord and heresy, and a whole host of evil schemes.  The shocking state of professing Protestant “Christendom” today is ample testimony that they have been all too successful.  There was a great need for an easy-to-read book exposing the Jesuit Order.

  Also in 2012, Satan’s Seat became available as an e-book, in addition to the printed version; and this was soon followed by The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter.  This was another milestone, providing yet another means for the truth to be spread in the electronic age.

  We also began to make available, on our website, testimony tracts of former Roman Catholic priests and nuns who were converted to Christ, to be used, like our Gospel tracts, to reach Roman Catholics with the truth.  They are wonderful accounts of the Lord’s grace and mercy to men and women who were once blind slaves of the Papal system.

  The Life and Ministry of Samson the Strong was published in 2013.  A few years before I had preached a series of sermons on Samson, and a number of the Lord’s people said that these messages, available on CD, were very encouraging and edifying to them.  This response prompted me to write a book on Samson’s life and ministry. 

  Mention Samson’s name, and the two things that immediately come to mind are his great strength, and his great sins.  But to narrowly focus only on these two aspects of his remarkable life is to miss out on the immense blessing the Christian can receive from a proper study of the life of this amazing man.  There is so much more to Samson!  His is a story like no other: the true account of a man whose like was never seen before, and would never be seen again.  He was Israel’s judge and Israel’s champion; Israel’s hero and deliverer; one of God’s ministers, a man who loved the Lord, a man of faith; and yet a man who fell at times into terrible sin.  And the biblical account of his life is immensely profitable to every Christian, for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.

  Throughout this 30-year period, the Lord has wonderfully met our needs.  It would take far too long to rehearse, at this time, all that the Lord has done, year by year, in providing our needs; it would fill a small book.  Suffice it to say that He has always supplied all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  We have seen marvellous answers to prayer, God’s miraculous provision at just the right moment, time and time again.

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