The Vatican Archives on Pius XII to be Opened

And now we are expected to believe that the Vatican, in 2020, will open the Secret Archives without reservation?  Without keeping many documents on Pius XII hidden away?  Without “doctoring” the evidence that it permits researchers to see?  This is naive in the extreme.  Just as it always has done, it will again exclude damning documents from the public eye.

Throughout this terrible time of persecution of Orthodox Serbs and of Jews, Pius XII said nothing, and did nothing.  Today we are being told that his silence was his attempt to save Jews, etc., fearing that if he spoke up too strongly in condemnation of the Nazis and their puppets, it would only have made things even worse for those they were killing.  What Jesuitical nonsense!  As historian Edmond Paris said: “They are surely very moderate, who wish to see in this attitude of the Pope nothing but a guilty inertia or a passive complacency.  In fact, all this reeks of premeditated crime.  No one can be made to believe that that terror, in which the Croatian Catholic clergy collaborated so passionately, could have come about without the express wish of the Holy See.”[41]

After the war, the looted treasury of the fleeing Ustashi killers came to some $80 million.  “Evidence of the Vatican’s collusion in Rome with the Ustashe regime includes the hospitality of a pontifical religious institution, and the provision of storage facilities and safe-deposit services for the Ustashe treasury, part of which was stolen from the victims of extermination – Serbs and Jews.”[42]  Furthermore, the Vatican assisted Ustashis fleeing out of Europe.[43]  And yet we are now supposed to believe that the wartime pope, Pius XII, knew nothing and was innocent?  It is an outrageous lie, which no sensible person could believe.

Pius and the Protection of Jews in Rome

What about Pius’ protection of Jews in Rome, when Hitler’s Nazis were rounding up Roman Jews for deportation?

In October 1943 the roundup began.  Truckloads of Jews, including large numbers of terrified children, were deported from the city.  As some of the trucks passed near St Peter’s Square, Jews called out for the pope to come to their aid.  John Cornwell wrote: “The scenes enacted that morning had been repeated countless times and in countless places throughout Europe in the previous two years.  The difference was that in this city there was a man with a powerful voice, who commanded the allegiance of half a billion human beings and whose capacity to protest could give even Hitler serious pause for thought.”[44]  Yet Pius said nothing.  Many, even top Roman Catholic prelates, pleaded with the pope to speak up and do something.  He did nothing.  The Jews were packed into a train and taken to Auschwitz and Birkenau.  There they were gassed to death.  More Jews in Rome were arrested and deported, to suffer the same fate.

Right under the papal nose, then, in the very city where the headquarters of the Papal system has existed for so many centuries – the very heart of world Roman Catholicism which arrogantly and falsely claims to be the true Church of Christ – the Nazis deported Jews to their deaths without a word of protest from the man who claims to be the Vicar of Christ on earth!

On 28 October 1943, Hitler’s ambassador to the Vatican, the SS general Baron Ernst von Weiszaecker, sent the following message to von Ribbentrop from the German Embassy to the Vatican in Rome, which was later found in the secret archives of the Wilhelmstrasse: “Although he has been urged on all sides to do so, the Pope has not been led into making any demonstrative reproof against the deportation of Roman Jews.  Despite the fact that he must expect to see this attitude attacked by our enemies and exploited by the Protestant circles of the Anglo-Saxon countries in their anti-Catholic propaganda, he has also done all he possibly could in this delicate question not to strain relations with the German Government.”[45]

Yet ever since the war, the world has been told, by Vatican propagandists, that Pius did all he could to protect Roman Jews!  It is a lie.  He did all he could to please Hitler.  He remained silent about the Jews.  And now the world is being told that this silence was his way of protecting them from even worse atrocities!

It is true that numbers of the remaining Jews in Rome escaped by hiding in Roman Catholic religious institutions in the city – including in Vatican City itself.  And after the war was over Pius made a number of statements of a more pro-Jewish nature.  But this has ever been the way of the Papacy.  When the war was over and Nazism was defeated, the pope decided it was time to change colour again, like the chameleon he always is, and start making noises to the effect that he, and the Vatican, had always supported the Jews and opposed Hitler.  By hiding Jews, he could say, “I did my best to protect them.  This is the evidence.”

In this he fooled many, including western politicians.

Pius Condemns Nazism – but Only After the War was Over!

After the war was over – yes, only afterwards – Pius XII finally condemned Nazism!  Avro Manhattan wrote:

“Then, more than a month after Germany’s complete defeat; above the moans of the millions of bereaved, homeless, wounded, humiliated, and bewildered Germans; above the 9,000 – 10,000 Catholic Churches out of the total of 12,000 in Germany proper which were completely destroyed or seriously damaged by Allied air-raids or land battles; above the burned-out shells of cathedrals looming grimly against the sky – for the first time since the rise of the regime the Pope dared to breathe the word ‘Nazism’ in condemnation.  During a short allocution Pius XII had the moral courage to declare that it was ‘a good thing’ that ‘Satanic Nazism’ had been destroyed.

“That was all.  The Pope had spoken against Nazism at last.”[46]

Again: once Nazism was defeated, the pope of Rome had to change his colours, like the chameleon he was.  He had to give the impression that he had always hated Nazism.  All through the war years, and indeed in the years leading up to it, he had supported Nazism and Hitler, and had remained silent in the face of the Nazi atrocities against the Jews and others; but now that Nazism was defeated he had to present himself as anti-Nazi.

Now it was easy to call it satanic.

Pius Pleads for Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials

After the war and during the Nuremberg trials, Pius XII came to the defence of certain Nazis – including one of the very worst, Franz von Papen.  This evil man was, unbelievably, acquitted at the trials.  And this shows us what to expect when the Vatican Secret Archives on Pius XII are opened; for even at Nuremberg the pope’s reach was long, and it was through his vast influence that von Papen was freed.  If the pontiff of Rome could bring that to pass back in 1946, how much more can be done today, to cover the tracks of Pius and the Vatican?