Ireland Rejects Anti-Christian Priestcraft, Embraces Anti-Christian Liberalism

This man had even more to say, however.  “There never was much reason to expect that Benedict XVI or his legion of Roman red hats would rise to this or any occasion requiring Divinely-inspired leadership.  They are better examples of the problem than the solution.  Of course, the sorrow from Rome IS genuine, the contrition IS real.  But it doesn’t really matter.  Many readers have rightly said that, if the Church was a corporation (and it is), all those responsible would have been locked up in prisons or hospitals by now, and the company would have been driven out of Ireland on a rail.  The best the Irish Church can do now is to buy its one-way tickets.  All the Faithful, or what’s left of them, can only pray that Our Loving Father will find a way to restore a pure Church to Ireland, and that Ireland will want it back.”

It is evident that this Jesuit priest was still a faithful son of Rome, who believed there was genuine sorrow and contrition in the Vatican over what had occurred.  In this he was very sadly deceived.  But even so, to write this way about his pope and his cardinals was extraordinary, and certainly we can be sure that if one priest felt this way, many others did as well.  And this is a good thing.  Let the disillusionment continue!

He ended his article forcefully, by pointing out that “few churches ever exerted such domineering social power as the Irish Catholic Church”, and that it was a religion of hate and fear, in which Irish priests supported fanatical Irish Roman Catholic murderers (without naming them, he meant the IRA); and he said: “They helped teach Ireland to hate, to never forgive, to fear, to be suspicious.  Now, they are the hated, and the ones who can never be forgiven, not even by their own people and not even in spite of many, many, many good and Godly works they have done for them.  It is the life they made for Ireland, and ultimately, for themselves.”  Again, an extraordinary confession, and 100% accurate, as the massive change in Irish society since he wrote these words so amply demonstrates.

Truly, a profound and rapid change has been occurring in Ireland, the likes of which has never been seen there before.  A once-staunchly Papist country has become a very different place from what it was.  Perhaps Ireland will not cease to be Papist after all, despite what has occurred.  Rome has an amazing ability to bounce back from the brink of disaster.  And Ireland has always had fanatical Papists, including fanatical terrorist madmen in the form of the IRA, who were supported fully by their priests in their murderous deeds.

But perhaps after all, the game really is over for Roman Catholicism in Ireland.  Perhaps the enormous power that Rome has always exerted in that country really is now finished.  It has happened to nations before.  In Roman Catholic France, once known as “the elder daughter of the Vatican”, the priests ruled with an iron fist for centuries; but finally it all became too much for the French people, and, spurred on by anti-clerical revolutionaries, they erupted in an orgy of horrific violence against the “Church” of Rome during the French Revolution.  Centuries of cruel oppression at the hands of their priests led to the destruction of Roman Catholic power and influence in France.

But even there it was only for a time.  Rome again made strides there, and regained much of its old power.  Still, France is not what it was prior to the French Revolution.  Rome was never again as all-powerful there as it had once been.

Perhaps in truth, in once-fanatically Papist Ireland, the once all-powerful “Church” will never fully recover from these blows.  Perhaps Joe Horgan, quoted above, was correct when he wrote, “In many ways I suppose, we are living in a post-Catholic Ireland.  Coming generations are hardly likely to show the mass devotion that existed in the past.  The power of the Church, the ideological power, has diminished enormously.  The Church still has huge power in education and health but it is hard to see how that can survive.  How can the Church be allowed to wield such power in a society that no longer shares its prayers?  Quite simply, it can’t.”[43]

If this is indeed so, due to the disgust of the Irish Roman Catholic people themselves, then we are witnessing something extraordinary.   And it certainly appears to be the case.

Rome May Have Lost Ireland, But It is Winning Elsewhere

But even though Rome no longer rules Ireland completely, and although a majority of the Irish people have now rejected Rome’s priests, teachings, and massive influence, it would be a grave mistake for anyone to assume that the worldwide sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the Papal institution for years now signals the beginning of the end of this giant religio-political institution around the world.  If only it were so!  But no – Rome will survive it.  It has been, and continues to be, a major blow, one of the greatest blows Rome has suffered since the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century.  Millions of Roman Catholics have left their “Church” in disgust; perhaps millions more will follow.  But this is an institution of over one billion members.  Even if Rome shed a hundred million followers as a result of these revelations (and it won’t), it would still survive and prosper in the long run.  Bible prophecy does not indicate that the Great Whore that sits on the seven hills will be destroyed by a scandal like this.  Prophecy tells us that it will continue to exist, and work its evil, until the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The vast majority of the millions of Papists are simply too enslaved to their “Church” to ever even consider leaving, much less to actually do so.  As far as they are concerned, their eternal salvation depends upon their membership in it – and they are not going to risk losing that for anything.  Even the terrible abuse of thousands of children by thousands of priests and monks the world over is not enough to make them forsake it.  When it comes down to it, for them it’s a matter of “My eternal salvation, or the good of untold thousands of children”.  The children come off second best, no matter what evils have been perpetrated against them.  It has always been so, throughout Rome’s long history.  The attitude is, “Turn a blind eye – my priest holds my salvation in his hand, and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.”

Throughout its long history, Rome has suffered setbacks at times, in all kinds of countries.  France has been mentioned, but it is not the only one.  Rome’s fortunes ebb and flow with the centuries.  And at the very same time that its power is now so weakened in Ireland, it is being greatly strengthened elsewhere.  Governments and ideologies and so on – these come and go.  But Rome marches ever onwards.