Billy Graham: Servant of Rome, Not Servant of Christ

His Worldliness

In 1960 Graham was asked if he saw anything positive among the movements of young people at the time, and he replied, “Yes, I do…. When [the hippies] talk about tune in, and turn on, and drop out, this is almost Biblical language.”  In December 1969 he told the press that he often attended “love-ins” and rock music festivals, disguising himself with a beard.  He said he found it “refreshing” to do so.  And addressing a rock festival, he said, “This is the way Jesus did it.  He went to where the people were.”  And: “I think this is a generation of tremendous young people. Many of them are deeply religious… you can find it in some of the music, if you listen hard enough.”[75]

If you listen hard enough?  Yes, there were religious concepts in Rock music: Hinduism, New Age, Transcendental Meditation, occultism.  These are the things which made Graham think the youth were “tremendous”?

As for going to where the people were, the Lord Jesus did – but not in disguise, and not to participate in sinful activities!

When Billy Graham held a crusade in Las Vegas in 1978, this is how it was reported by the far-from-Evangelical, actually New-Evangelical magazine, Christianity Today (which had very close ties to Billy Graham himself): “The evangelist won special place in the hearts of many Las Vegans.  ‘I did not come here to condemn Las Vegas,’ Graham announced at the onset of the meetings.  ‘I came here to preach the Gospel.’  The audience appreciatively applauded his statement.”[76]  Of course they did!

During his crusade in the city, Graham avoided preaching firmly against gambling, saying instead that the Bible is rather silent about it, although he said he himself did not gamble because of the personal example aspect of it.  And incredibly, Vegas gamblers acted as “counsellors” in the crusade!  This means they were among those who dealt with the people who “came forward” at the Graham “altar calls”.  And they even justified the fact that although they claimed to be “Christians”, they continued to work as card dealers, etc., at Vegas casinos!  One of them actually said, “Scores of employees scattered in casinos around Las Vegas are Christians.  For most of them, the ‘gaming industry’ is just another job, and they see no moral conflict.  Most, however, agree that they would never visit a casino as a customer.”[77]

According to William Martin, a sociologist who spent five years researching a biography of Graham, Graham was able to flip through Playboy magazine without embarrassment.[78]

Praised by False Protestant Leaders

John Piper had this to say after Graham’s death: “This morning I have been singing his songs…. The flood of emotion they awaken, after a lifetime of profound associations, is a sweet sorrow…. While only God can rightly assess the ripple effect of a person’s life in all the ways it has influence, my own judgment would be that Billy Graham’s greatest impact is the eternal difference he made in leading countless persons, from all over the world, out of destruction into everlasting joy and love.  This was his primary mission.”[79]

Yet Piper claims to be a believer in the doctrines of sovereign grace – which Graham never preached, and in fact opposed, for he was Arminian.  Piper, like Graham himself was, is a false minister.  He preaches the errors of “New Calvinism”, has invited Rick Warren to preach (see below),[80] and actually prayed for God to anoint the pope of Rome![81]

Benny Hinn, a Charismatic deceiver and fraud of the first magnitude, one of the greatest heretics of modern times and a prosperity-preaching, money-grubbing charlatan, claimed that in 1989 he gave a “prophecy”, a direct message from God (these Charismatics always make this claim to be able to give such messages, but they are all fraudulent), stating that the deaths of Oral Roberts and Billy Graham would bring about a great revival.  Roberts died in 2009 and now, with Graham’s death, Hinn stated that the revival has been set in motion.  Hinn said: “What we are gonna see is a revival.  Three things are going to happen, there’s no doubt in my heart and mind because it’s in the Bible…. Number one, evangelism.  What was the first thing that happened in the book of Acts?  People saved.  The second thing, miracles, people healed.  But the third thing was what? Prosperity…. Here we are in this season.  We’re gonna see amazing things happen in those areas of our lives and get ready for your children to be saved in a big way, your families to be saved in a big way, loved ones respond to the Lord in a big way.”[82]

This is revival according to the false prophet and deceiver, Benny Hinn, but it is not biblical revival.  Miracles and prosperity were never, ever a part of any true revival in Church history since the apostolic age.  This is a devilish lie.

He also claimed that Billy Graham’s death would be the sign for the Church to come out of hiding.[83]  But considering that Hinn’s own “church”, just like “megachurches” everywhere, is massive, tens of thousands strong, exactly where is the “Church” hiding, if this kind of “church” is the true one (which Hinn obviously believes it is)?

Not surprisingly, after Graham’s death, religious deceiver Rick Warren also weighed in with his penny’s worth.  This man, pastor of Saddleback Church in California, one of the world’s largest “megachurches”, and the man responsible for the “Purpose-Driven Life” heresy, made the following comments:

“[Graham] put Catholics and Protestants, Calvinists and Charismatics, Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, Liberals and Conservatives, all on the platform together.  He was criticized for it, but he knew that God blesses unity and harmony.”[84]  Warren calls this unity and harmony, as did Graham – but it is the devil’s unity, an attempt to unite light and darkness, truth and error, Christianity and false religion!  It is a direct denial of 2 Cor. 6:14-18.  The men who joined Graham on his platforms, united together, were certainly not true Christians – no, not even the Conservatives or Evangelicals or Fundamentalists or Calvinists or Protestants among them!  If such men could join hands with Romanists, Liberals, Charismatics, etc., and claim they were all preaching the one true Gospel, then they were blind leaders of the blind (Matt. 15:14).  They were as far from true Christian ministers as one could be.

Billy Graham was very fond of Rick Warren – which speaks volumes about the utter lack of true spiritual discernment in Graham.  He praised Warren, encouraged him to publish The Purpose Driven Life, and when Warren prayed at the inauguration of presidents Bush and Obama (which incidentally speaks volumes about Warren!), Graham gave him advice and even gave him the hat he himself wore when he had prayed at various presidential inaugurations in the past! His note to Warren when he mailed the hat to him said: “Rick, it’s your time now.  I believe in you!  Wear the hat!  Love, Billy.”[85]  Clearly, the two men were cut from the same cloth.  But Graham was not a servant of Christ, and nor is Warren.

Praised by Roman Catholic Leaders

Roman Catholic cardinal, Timothy Dolan, of New York, released this statement after Graham’s death:

“As anyone growing up in the 1950s and 1960s can tell you, it was hard not to notice and be impressed by the Reverend Billy Graham.  There was no question that the Dolans were a Catholic family, firm in our faith, but in our household there was always respect and admiration for Billy Graham and the work he was doing to bring people to God…. As an historian, my admiration for him only grew as I studied our nation’s religious past, and came to appreciate even more the tremendous role he played in the American evangelical movement.  May the Lord that Billy Graham loved so passionately now grant him eternal rest.”[86]

Why would a high-ranking Romish cardinal care about the Evangelical movement?  He would hate it!  Therefore, the only conclusion we can reach is that he knew Graham was serving Rome, while merely professing to be Evangelical.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, had this to say: “Growing up Catholic in New York in the 1950s, the Catholic we most identified with was Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the first televangelist.  The Protestant we most clearly revered was Rev. Billy Graham.  In both cases, they had no rival.  For Catholics, Graham was more than just the titular head of the Protestant community, he was a man who inspired us.  He was a man of prayer, and his deep spirituality was contagious.  Moreover, his ecumenical efforts were legion…. I have one fond remembrance of him.  In the late 1990s, he contacted me about some cruel story that had circulated about him – it made him out to be an anti-Catholic bigot.  The story was completely bogus…. Rev. Billy Graham will be missed.  I am happy that he is with our Lord.”[87]

Strange: not even all Roman Catholics go to heaven immediately at death, according to Roman Catholic doctrine; in fact, the vast majority of them first have to spend an unknown period of time in a mythical place called purgatory.  Only Rome’s “saints” go immediately to heaven when they die, according to Romish teaching.  If Billy Graham is in heaven already according to this Papist, was he then a “saint” in the Papist sense?

When the enemies of Christ and His Gospel praise a man, that man is no Christian!