Billy Graham: Servant of Rome, Not Servant of Christ

An Influential Roman Catholic Pushed Him onto the World Stage

Billy Graham’s 1949 crusade in Los Angeles pushed him into the forefront of international Arminian Evangelicalism.  But why?  Up until that time he was just one of many Arminian Baptist evangelists beating the sawdust trail across the U.S.  What was different this time?  Answer: William Randolph Hearst.

Hearst was a very influential Roman Catholic news mogul; and, doubtless on the orders of his priests, he sent a telegram to his news editors with the simple instruction: “Puff Graham.”  They dutifully carried out this instruction, and the increased media exposure, plus the invitations which poured in asking him to hold crusades in other places, turned Graham into a household name.[4]  It was not the blessing of the Lord which did it, but a Roman Catholic news mogul under orders!

His Brazen Promotion of Roman Catholicism

Early on in his career, Roman Catholic priests were warned by their superiors not to attend Billy Graham meetings.  But he soon started to change his tune towards Roman Catholics, and the more he did so, the more Roman Catholic priests began to speak approvingly of his crusades!  In fact, it became very evident that Rome had decided Billy Graham would be a very useful stooge to draw Protestants to Rome.  They calculated correctly.  He was an ideal choice, and he served them well for the rest of his long life.

Was Graham ever secretly and formally received into Rome as an agent of the Jesuits?  We have no solid evidence of this – but a lack of such evidence does not mean it did not happen.  It just means there is, as yet, no rock-solid proof.  What we do know, however, is that for centuries the Jesuits have had their own men in Protestant churches, behind Protestant pulpits, etc., pretending to be Protestants while all along promoting Romanism and slowly moving their flocks in Rome’s direction.[5]  For many decades a huge amount of circumstantial evidence built up, demonstrating that this was indeed what Billy Graham was doing.  He served the Vatican’s interests!  He was the greatest instrument for ecumenism, the Romeward movement among professing Evangelicals, during the twentieth century.  He was their tool.  Let us consider some of this evidence, in chronological order.  Please note that this is just a fraction of the evidence there is!

Always hovering approvingly in the background: a priest of Rome and Billy Graham

On 29 December 1955, he said that he would always tell his “converts” (those who “came forward” at his “altar calls”) to go to the church of their choice, whether Roman Catholic or Protestant!  He repeated this on 17 September 1956, in front of 1100 people, and again in 1960.[6]  And he kept his word on this matter, decade after decade.  Here is just one example:

At Graham’s “Mission ̓89″ in England, he was publicly welcomed by Rome’s cardinal, Basil Hume, and had private meetings with him and other Romish bishops.[7]  And of the 35000 people who “went forward” when he gave his “altar call”, 2100 were Roman Catholics – and these were referred by Graham to parish priests for “counselling”![8]

After Graham’s death, I received an email from a lady in France, just one of the many thousands who from personal experience knew that Graham did, indeed, send Roman Catholics back to the Papal religion.  She wrote: “I was a counsellor and follow-up worker at his 1986 crusade in Paris, and we had strict instructions that if someone had written ‘Catholic’ on the card they filled in after coming forward, we had to give their card to a Catholic church in their neighbourhood.  I found that absolutely tragic…. If, as you write, it was a deliberate ploy by the Roman Catholic cult, it worked.  Very sad and disappointing.  In fact, when I think about it, it reminds me of what Switzerland did during the Second World War, when it sent Jews fleeing the Nazi persecutions back to Germany!”[9]  Precisely.  But of course, although those poor Jews were sent to their physical deaths, what Graham did was infinitely worse, in that he was guilty of entrenching his “converts” in a religious system of spiritual death.

In 1963 he spoke admiringly of the pope of Rome, John XXIII,[10] saying, “I admired Pope John tremendously.  I felt he brought a new era to the world.  It is my hope that the cardinals elect a new pope who will follow the same line as John.  It would be a great tragedy if they chose a man who reacted against John, who re-erected the walls.”[11]  Yet John XXIII, apart from being the head of the greatest false religion on earth, was a Communist, the man who initiated the deceptive Second Vatican Council, and indeed one of the greatest deceivers of modern times![12]

At a breakfast meeting in 1963, Graham spoke of increasing co-operation between Protestants and Roman Catholics.  He spoke of how the Romish bishop of Sao Paulo, Brazil, stood beside him during his crusade there and “blessed” Graham’s “converts” as they came forward at the “altar call”!  And he added that he had five preaching engagements scheduled at Roman Catholic institutions in the United States.[13]

This man had no qualms about a representative of the religion of Antichrist “blessing” (cursing!) the poor dupes who responded to his “call”!  It is all too evident that he was a false preacher.

In 1964 the Romish cardinal of Boston, Richard J. Cushing, actually urged Roman Catholic youths and college students to attend the Graham crusade, saying: “I am 100% for the evangelist.”[14]  The only way a high-ranking cardinal of Rome could say such a thing was if Billy Graham was essentially a Roman Catholic himself – at least in doctrine and possibly even in fact.  But we will let the evidence continue to mount up.

In 1966 he said that he found himself “closer to Catholics than the radical Protestants.”[15]

Why was this?  Had he become a closet Papist?  We can hardly be blamed for asking!

In 1967 he received an honorary degree from the Roman Catholics at Belmont Abbey College in the USA.[16]  When the head priest conferred this degree on him, Graham jokingly said, “Now you can call me father.”[17]  Was he really joking?  Perhaps.  But this was just one of so many very pro-Papist statements that… one wonders.

“Now you can call me father”: a priest of Rome conferring an honorary degree on Graham

In 1970 in Washington, D.C., Graham preached; but he then invited well-known Romish bishop, Fulton J. Sheen, to participate in his crusade!  This man once made the statement: “Soon there will be only two powers in the world, Communism and Catholicism.  Then the Protestants can take their choice.”[18]  And Graham accepted such a man as a brother in Christ!

Graham with well-known Romish bishop, Fulton J. Sheen

In 1971 Italian Protestants invited him to Rome, on condition that he would not meet with Vatican officials or the pope.  But Graham said he would not permit any conditions to be placed on any campaign of his in Italy.[19]

Any true Christian would have been immediately willing to agree to such a condition!  In fact, it would go without saying.  Why did Italian Protestants even feel the need to lay down such a condition?  They obviously were rather doubtful about him, to say the least!

In 1972 Graham received the Roman Catholic International Franciscan Award for his contribution to “true ecumenism”, and for his “evangelism”![20]

When Roman Catholics present a man with an award for “evangelism”, who is he “evangelising” for?

In 1972, so utterly watered down and compromised was the “gospel” Graham preached, that the superior of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, priest Charles W. Dullea, stated: “Because he [Graham] is preaching basic Christianity, he does not enter into matters which today divide Christians… he is preaching basic Christianity, not Protestantism per se…. The Catholic will hear no slighting of his Church’s teaching authority, nor of papal or episcopal prerogatives, no word against the mass or sacraments or Catholic practices… the Catholic, in my opinion, will hear little, if anything, that he cannot agree with”.[21]

Other priests have spoken about Graham and his preaching along similar lines.  In 1990, for example, a priest in Canada, Bob Moran, said: “the Catholics in Montreal have no reason to worry about proselytism, in fact, they could afford to welcome the Graham initiative…. Graham is not interested in sheep-stealing.”[22]

It is all too evident that Graham was doing the pope’s bidding, and Papist priests had no fear of him or his message.  He was their greatest “Protestant” ally in the ecumenical movement, a “Protestant” preaching a message fully acceptable to Roman Catholic priests!  What does this tell us about Billy Graham?

In February 1978 Graham held a crusade in Las Vegas.  Almost 200 “Protestant” churches co-operated with him in this crusade, and Roman Catholic Charismatics were active in it as well, with some of them serving as counsellors and choir members!  Furthermore, Kenneth Forshee, a pastor with the Disciples of Christ – a Liberal branch of the Campbellite cult – served as the crusade chairman.[23]

In 1978 he preached in Poland, at the invitation of the Baptist Union of Poland and the Polish Ecumenical Council.  He was welcomed by the Roman Catholic institution in Poland with these words: “We are happy that you will preach in several cities in Catholic churches, where the overwhelming majority of listeners will be Catholics.”  Graham praised the Roman pope, John Paul I, and prayed for unity between Roman Catholics and Baptists.[24]

This was Billy Graham.  An ecumenical servant of Antichrist, not Christ.