The Reforming Catholic Confession: “Protestants” on the Way to Rome

  One final quote, demonstrating just how unbiblical and doctrinally confused these two men really are: “Despite all of this and other areas of conflict, Walls and Collins conclude Roman But Not Catholic by reiterating their affirmation of the genuine faith of Roman Catholic believers around the world, and prayerfully appeal to John 17:20-21…. They praise Pope Francis’ recent comments toward more inclusive practices in celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion in hope that Protestants currently barred from receiving can one day partake…. ‘Perhaps the pope will take further steps in this same direction, during the pivotal 2017 year, to allow us to celebrate the fundamental reality that we are all characterized by one Lord, one faith, one baptism.  We surely hope so.’”[8] That any truly biblical Protestant, knowing the Scriptures, would even want to partake of the blasphemous fable of the Romish mass is an absurdity.  That any truly biblical Protestant, knowing the Scriptures, would call the mass “the sacrament of Holy Communion” is an absurdity.  That any truly biblical Protestant, knowing the Scriptures, would refer to Romish faith and Romish baptism as one and the same with true Christian faith and true Christian baptism is an absurdity.  These two men reveal, by these statements, that at best they are biblically ignorant and deceived souls.  At worst, they are serving the Papacy’s own agenda as deceitful workers.  

  And now for a yet further terrible error, this time from Kevin J. Vanhoozer, another of the leaders behind this “Reforming Catholic Confession”.  He is professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.  This man said that the Reformation Latin term, sola scriptura, is frequently misunderstood, being interpreted as “Scripture alone” as though it is somehow “apart from the Church, apart from tradition, and apart from the Holy Spirit.”  But he said this is not its meaning at all, when taken in its rightful, theological context.

  This man was therefore claiming that there was a definite cause for tradition to be placed alongside Scripture!  This is outright Roman Catholic theology.  For Rome claims that the Word of God is not the Bible alone, but also the tradition of the Roman Catholic institution.

  Going still further, Vanhoozer said that the phrase, “Scripture alone”, does not mean that it is the singular voice people ought to consult, although it does have supreme authority.[9]  This statement is one which many a Papist theologian would be happy to endorse!  The cry of all Bible Protestants is: the Bible alone!  This is in direct opposition to Rome’s antichristian doctrine of the Bible plus tradition. 

  In saying such things, he completely negated the entire point of the document, and revealed a Papist theology, which many would not have noticed in their desire to sign the document.


  If this is the quality of doctrinal teaching and expression in our day and age from “Protestants”, then we are far, far worse off than many would have been led to believe.  Such “Evangelical” Protestant leaders are well on the road to Rome.  The Lord’s true remnant Church is much smaller than many would realise.  There is no escaping this.  It is the tragic reality of the times we live in.  And no true Christian would let false Protestants and false Christians like the men quoted above be their spokesmen, their representatives, their doctrinal teachers, by signing such a wicked, indeed diabolical, document as the “Reforming Catholic Confession.” 

October 2017

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