Another Mass Grave of Babies Who Died Under the “Tender” Care of Nuns

  Why, even after the commission released its findings, did the Irish police not immediately cordon off the site?  That is more than odd, or an oversight – it is downright suspicious.

  Why was the entire terrible discovery not being treated as the atrocity it really was?  This was a truly horrendous story: the remains of not one or two, but almost 800 babies discovered!

  Why, indeed, was the news of the commission’s findings released on a Friday – the day traditionally favoured by governments for dropping controversial stories on newsrooms preparing for the weekend break? 

  Why was such a huge story also released on the very day when the election results in Northern Ireland were announced?[16]  Clearly the intention was to prevent the story getting a lot of press.  But as it turned out, it got plenty anyway, thanks to social media, which turned it into an international story virtually overnight.

  It is evident that, despite the massive rejection of the Romish “Church” by large numbers of Irish people, and despite the loss of the kind of power which the priests once exerted over all aspects of Irish life, including its politics, the priests of Rome do still exert a significant influence over the politics of Ireland!  True, it is nothing like what it once was; but it is still there, it is still felt, and they will attempt to bury this revelation as deep as they can. 

  It remains to be seen if they will succeed.

  To my Christian brothers and sisters I say, in conclusion: pray for the Roman Catholic women and girls who, through blind zeal or to please parents, or for any other reason, join a convent and become nuns!  In doing so, they give themselves in utter devotion to this evil religious system which calls itself “the Holy Catholic Church”, but which God’s prophetic Word calls by another name entirely: “the Great Whore”, “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth” (Rev. 17:1,5).  Rome’s nuns are not holy women of God – they are sinful women, just as all women (and men) are, and they enter into those convents with the same sinful natures they had before they went in.  And within those convent grounds and behind those walls, for many centuries, all kinds of dark deeds have been committed.  It is no different today – as these underground chambers containing dead babies’ remains testify.  Oh, it is true enough that today, in this age of ecumenism, one seldom sees nuns in those black habits they used to wear.  Many of them are dressed in modern clothing and work in schools, hospitals, and other places, openly and publicly.  But the heart remains the same, and only the Lord Jesus Christ can change the heart.  Pray for the nuns, as well as the priests, of Rome, that the Lord in mercy may yet draw many out of that iniquitous religious system which holds them in bondage.

April 2017

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