Islamic Threats Against Rome in the Light of Bible Prophecy

  And it could so easily happen again!  In fact, we are definitely seeing a deep hatred against the Whore growing in our own day, and it is emanating from certain Roman Catholic quarters!  The global priestly sex scandals have caused great hatred to build up in some Roman Catholic quarters, as have various other great crimes committed by this Harlot.  Multitudes of her own once-faithful subjects have turned against her in disgust.  So it is entirely conceivable that this will continue to build up to such an extent that at some point in the near future, some of them actually attack her. 

  A little-known fact is that even in comparatively recent times, plans were made for an aerial bombardment of the Vatican!  This occurred in the Second World War, and is related by British historian Avro Manhattan in his excellent book, The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance.  He stated that the Yugoslavians, under General Bora Mirkovich, had wanted to bomb Vatican City to the ground with squadrons of bombers, but only 24 hours before the attack the plans were foiled: the pro-Roman Catholic Hitler (acting on Roman Catholic intelligence he had received) had destroyed practically the entire Yugoslav Air Force prior to its taking off to carry out this mass bombardment.[8]  The point is, though, that a plan to destroy the Vatican was made, and was about to be carried out by those who knew of the Papacy’s support for the Nazis, and who lived in a country just east of Italy.  It was not the Lord’s time; otherwise it would have happened.  From within eastern Europe, and from a non-Papist government, these plans were formulated.

  And this brings me back to the recent ISIS threats against Rome. 

Islam, Europe, and the Coming Destruction of Rome

  In preaching through Revelation 18, something occurred to me, regarding the final destruction of the Vatican, which could simply not have even been imagined possible by students and teachers of Bible prophecy a few decades ago – or even just a few years ago: the possible destruction of Rome by Islamic forces, and yet from within Europe!

  I was preaching consecutively through Revelation 18 in 2013, which was many months before the recent ISIS threats against Rome.  And I put forward the possibility that the Lord may permit the forces of militant Islam, from within Roman Catholic Europe, to destroy Rome.  I gave the following reasons for holding this out as a distinct possibility:

  The speed with which certain European countries, once very Roman Catholic, are rapidly heading for Muslim majorities, is astounding!  In one European country after another the growth of Islam is phenomenal.  It is occurring for two reasons: the extremely liberal, and utterly foolish immigration policies of these countries, which are permitting Muslims to flood into them; and the very high birth rate among Muslim immigrants, far higher than the indigenous European populations.

  In fact, in my recent book, The Madness of Multiculturalism, I dealt in detail with this very phenomenon.[9]

  Take Belgium, for example.  It is a Roman Catholic country, yet today Brussels, its capital, is one of the most Islamic cities in all Europe.  And it has been projected that if things carry on this way, by 2030 Muslims will be the majority population of Brussels.  In Antwerp, which is Belgium’s second largest city, 40% of elementary school children are now Muslim.  In 2012 two Muslim politicians won municipal elections in Brussels, and vowed to bring in Sharia law in Belgium.  One of them said his ultimate goal was to create an Islamic state in Belgium based on Islamic Sharia law.

  Or take France as another example, once described as “the eldest daughter of the Vatican”.  In the city of Marseille, one third of the residents were Muslim by 2013, and they were building what was described as a mega-mosque there, even though there were already 60 mosques in the city.

  With 6.5 million Muslims, France has the largest Muslim population in a European Union country.  And every single year Muslims make up the majority of the 100 000 people who annually become naturalised French citizens.