Francis I and Foolish Pentecostals

  Brethren they are indeed, but not brethren in Christ.

  Lastly, Francis said: “Thank you so much.  I ask you to pray for me, I am in need of it so that at least I won’t be so bad.  Thank you!”  John Paul II had the ability to “connect” with non-Papists in this way; but even he seldom went so far as this present pope, who bends so far backwards to create the impression that Romanists and “Protestants” are all one that he even requests their prayers!  And furthermore, he gives the impression of great humility when he says he needs their prayers to keep him from being bad!  Clever, diabolically so.  And very, very effective.

  Well, that was Francis’ speech to the Pentecostals.  But we must not leave out an examination of aspects of the speech of Giovanni Traettino, the so-called “Evangelical” pastor and friend of the Antichrist, when he addressed Francis at the Pentecostal gathering in Caserta, Italy, before Francis gave his own address!

Giovanni Traettino’s Speech to Francis

  “I wish to share some considerations,” Traettino said, “and, in particular, dearest Pope Francis, my beloved brother, our joy is great because of your visit, my personal joy, that of my family, that of the whole of our community and of our spiritual family, of our guests and of our friends.”[9] 

  “Dearest Pope Francis”?  “My beloved brother”?  Listen to the voices echoing through history, the voices of the Waldensians of Italy, for example: did they call the Roman popes of their day “beloved brothers”, their “dearest’ friends?   No.  All we hear, echoing off their mountainous homes, are the cries and groans of the tens of thousands of dead and dying, as they are hurled off high peaks, or suffocated by smoke in their caves, or run through with spears, or killed in so many other merciless ways, by the armies of the Roman popes, sent with one great purpose: to wipe them off the face of the earth.  Long century after long century, Christians in Italy and across Europe were hunted to death by the papal armies; but now, men falsely claiming to be Protestants, brethren of those true believers of the past, speak of the leader of the same diabolical, hate-filled religious system as their “beloved brother”.  How much they have to answer for!