Francis I and Foolish Pentecostals


Francis’ Speech to Italian Pentecostals

  We need to carefully analyse relevant portions of his speech.  Here we see the deception of the devil, through his servant the Man of Sin and Son of Perdition.

  Let us begin with the following quotation from Francis’ speech:

 “When one walks in God’s presence, there is this fraternity.  When, instead, we are still, when we look too much to one another, there is another way… which is bad, bad! – the way of gossip.  And we begin to say, ‘but you, don’t you know?’ ‘No, no, I’m not for you.  I’m for this and that…’  ‘I am for Paul,’ ‘I am for Apollos,’ ‘I am for Peter.’  And so we begin, and so from the first moment division began in the Church.  And it isn’t the Holy Spirit who creates division!… He who creates division is in fact… Satan.  He interferes in communities and creates divisions, always!  From the first moment, from the first moment of Christianity, this temptation was in the Christian community.  ‘I belong to this one,’ ‘I belong to that one.’ ‘No!  I am the Church, you are a sect.’ And so the one who wins over us is him, the father of division – not the Lord Jesus who prayed for unity (John 17)…”[7]

  What Jesuitical subtlety!  In seeking to condemn the divisions between Romanists and others, he paraphrases1 Cor. 1:10-13, where Paul chastises the Corinthians for dividing into parties, with some preferring to follow Paul, others, Apollos, others Cephas (Peter).  But Paul was condemning divisions between Christians, even within the same local church.  True Christians must not be divided; but there must be a separation between Christians and non-Christians, between believers and unbelievers, between light and darkness, between those who worship Christ and those who are idolaters!  This is the plain teaching of Paul, in writing again to the Corinthians, in 2 Cor. 6:14-18.  Thus there is sinful separation (that between true Christian and true Christian when one follows a certain leader and another follows a different one), and there is right separation, indeed separation that is commanded by the Lord, separation that is created by the Holy Spirit (contrary to Francis’ false teaching) – and this is the separation between Christian and heathen, Christian and idolater!  Roman Catholics are not Christians, but idolaters, adherents of a false and heathenish religion masquerading as “Christianity”!  And therefore no true Christian is united to them.