Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?

  Opposed to this picture, one writer, anti-Russian and pro-EU, put it like this: “A rule of thumb for understanding Vladimir Putin’s propaganda regarding the Ukraine is to assume the truth is usually the opposite of what he says.  Hence, the Nazis and anti-Semites in the conflict are not, as Putin says, part of the revolutionary, anti-communist forces in Ukraine, but rather in the Putin camp.”[24]  It was also reported, by the Jewish news agency JTA in Ukraine, that a Jewish-led militia force took part in the revolution, and that those who said the revolutionaries were anti-Jewish were merely regurgitating the misinformation deliberately being spread by the KGB.  Jewish leaders in Ukraine were quoted as saying they believed “pro-Russian provocateurs are behind the attacks on their synagogues” in Ukraine.  One Jewish leader said: “Russian propaganda has exaggerated the role of neo-Nazis in the new Ukrainian government”.[25]  What this does show is that synagogues were attacked, and people claiming to be neo-Nazis are in the new government.  But are these really who they claim to be? 

  Who were the real provocateurs?  Where does the truth lie?  Were the shadowy figures controlling the revolution really neo-Nazi, nationalist Ukrainian groups, or were they actually pro-Russian groups pretending to be neo-Nazi groups?  It is certainly true, as the writer quoted above said, that the truth is so often the opposite of what a Communist says.  However, his statement is, sadly, equally true of the other side today: a good rule of thumb for understanding the US/EU’s propaganda regarding Ukraine is to assume the truth is usually the opposite of what they say!  Hence, when the US/EU people say the protesters were just disgruntled Ukrainians, the opposite is true: they were well-organised, well-financed revolutionaries.  When they say the protesters were merely democratically-minded citizens, the opposite is the truth.  When they say there were no neo-Nazi groups involved in the demonstrations, there were.  The bottom line is that one must read between the lines, regardless of whether Russian or US/EU leaders are speaking.  They are all liars.  Neither side is good or innocent in this conflict.  There are no “good guys.”  The days when the US could be trusted as the “good guy” are long gone.

  Even accepting that Russia is a past master at disinformation, it is nevertheless difficult to see what Putin stood to gain by sending in pro-Russian agitators, pretending to be nationalist anti-Russian, pro-EU agitators, to stir the people up to bring down the pro-Russian government in Ukraine.  In this particular conflict, then, the likelihood that Russia was involved behind the scenes in controlling the revolutionaries appears less believable than the likelihood that nationalist pro-EU groups were the ones involved behind the scenes.

International Socialists, National Socialists

  Be very careful here: all is not as it seems.  Remember that the US/EU are Socialist/Communist.  They would not support any Ukrainian group that would not advance their Socialist/Communist cause.  This means that if they backed Ukrainian nationalistic, neo-Nazi groups, these were in fact groups they could use to advance Socialism!  Furthermore, the Ukrainian nationalist groups want Ukraine to be part of the Socialist EU.

  But it all starts to make sense when we move away from the idea that Nazism is “far-Right”, and Socialism/Communism is “far-Left”.  Would the “far-Left” EU back “far-Right” groups which would be at opposite poles from it?  And would “far-Right” groups want to promote integration with the “far-Left” EU?  No on both counts.