Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?

  As even Roman Catholic journalist, Pat Buchanan, could see, this is blatant hypocrisy: “President Obama telling the Yanukovych government to respect the protesters.  No violence.  But how would Obama react if thousands of Tea Party members established an encampment on the Mall, burned down the DNC, occupied the Capitol and demanded he either repeal Obamacare or resign?  Would Barack Obama negotiate?”[19]  He most certainly would not.  Ukraine’s government had every right to clamp down, and hard, on the protesters/revolutionaries.  This is any government’s – even a bad one’s – duty: to maintain law and order (Rom. 13:1-7).

  Furthermore  – a point also conveniently overlooked – elections were scheduled for 2015 anyway.  If the demonstrators really were interested in “democracy”, that election would have been the time to vote for a new government peacefully.  Why take to the streets now, and use mob violence to overthrow a government that had been elected just a few years before?  This all just proves the sinister agenda, and the sinister forces at work behind the scenes.

Identifying the Revolutionaries

  So who exactly were the revolutionaries who toppled Ukraine’s pro-Russian government?  Yes, certainly there were disgruntled citizens among them.  They were the cannon fodder, the usual “useful idiots” revolutionaries the world over make use of.  There are always those who can be incited to protest, rebel, demonstrate and generally cause mayhem.  But there was much more to these “street protests” than disgruntled ordinary Ukrainian citizens.  At the forefront of the demonstrations, in control of them and guiding them along the path they desired, were what have been called nationalist Ukrainian groups.  They were equipped with helmets, masks, protective gear, weapons and Molotov cocktails.[20]  Where did these supposedly “spontaneous” demonstrators get such weapons?  Clearly they had been well-supplied a long time before the protests even started.  This was all very well planned, months in advance.

  These nationalist groups bore such names as Euromaidan, Patriot of Ukraine, White Hammer, and the Right Sector.  Their members, mostly males in their 20s and 30s who wore dark clothing and masks, were very aggressive during the demonstrations.  They were well-armed, and began to loot abandoned properties and to shake down businesses for money to support their revolution. 

  The most prominent of the nationalist groups involved in the protests that toppled Ukraine’s pro-Russian president, was the Pravy-Sektor (the Right Sector), led by Dmitry Yarosh.  It is opposed to Russia and to Russian influence in Ukraine.  Yarosh was selected as a member of the National Security and Defence Council, which is part of the new interim government; but he warned that the Right Sector will resume violent demonstrations if the interim government does not make the changes it promised.

 There was a report that they hoisted Nazi SS and white power symbols on toppled memorials and destroyed a memorial to Ukrainians who died fighting Nazi occupation during World War Two, and that Nazi salutes and the Nazi Wolfangel symbol were displayed prominently in the demonstrations; also, that neo-Nazi groups established “autonomous zones” around Kiev.[21]  There was also a report that these neo-Nazi groups, in addition to being anti-Russian, were also anti-Jewish, and that they smashed up Russian Orthodox church buildings and Jewish synagogues and said the Russian language would be outlawed in Ukraine.[22]  These groups, it was reported, were using the same slogans and Nazi symbols which they had used back in World War Two, when they murdered 200 000 – 300 000 Poles and Jews; and again in the years after the war, when they murdered tens of thousands of Ukrainians who refused to join them.[23]