Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?

  The Vatican thought that perhaps this was the time to bring about the “conversion” of Russia.  It actually made certain high-profile noises giving the impression that this might, after all, be the time of Russia’s “conversion.”  But in typical Vatican fashion, it was very cautious, in case things went wrong.

  And things did.  As the years went by it became increasingly obvious that, despite improved relations between Moscow and Rome, Russia was not on the brink of “conversion” to Roman Catholicism.  In fact, under Putin’s presidency there has been a reviving of much of the power of the Russian Orthodox institution.  This religio-political system has been under KGB control since the earliest years of the Bolshevik Revolution, and it still is today.  But Putin is allowing it much more freedom and influence than it has enjoyed for many decades.  He himself is a member, and speaks often in very religious ways.  But it has become evident to the Vatican that for all his religious talk, his nice words about the pope of Rome, his visit to the Vatican, etc., Russia remains firmly opposed to being “converted” to Roman Catholicism.

  Which brings us to the present conflict in Ukraine.  Rome realises that to conquer Russia, it has to isolate it and thereby weaken it, and even support military action against it if that ever becomes possible.  Hence its support for the Ukrainian rebels, and for the US/EU stance against Russia in this recent conflict.  Let a top Vatican journalist, a devout Roman Catholic, explain it.  Here are the words of Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican magazine: “since Russia is at the heart of the message of Fatima – ‘in the end, Russia shall be converted, and a period of peace shall be granted to the world,’ as the Lady said to the three children in Portugal in 1917 – what is happening now in Kiev must also be seen in the context of the Fatima message: in the context of the future of the Christian faith in Russia and of a coming age of peace.”[52]

  The kind of Communism Rome supports, under the present pope of Rome, Francis I, is still the Catholic-Communism kind, in opposition to the Moscow-Communism kind.  Francis is, after all, a Jesuit from Latin America and therefore well-versed in liberation theology (Catholic-Communism).  If Russia can be weakened by various means – by splitting off Ukraine from alliance with Russia, and getting it firmly into the EU camp; by isolating Russia; and eventually, even, by supporting massive riots in Moscow itself along similar lines to those in Kiev – the day may yet come when Russia will be “converted” to Roman Catholicism.  Not by persuasion, but by force: the Vatican’s preferred method of “conversion” throughout its history. 

  As Vatican journalist Moynihan went on to write: “The question becomes: Will the revolution unfolding in Ukraine – a revolution some hope may also unfold in Russia – bring about a ‘post-Christian’ culture in the former Soviet space, within a highly secularised European Union, and not a religious conversion?  Or might what is unfolding, with the presence of many religious leaders from both the Catholic and Orthodox sides, lead to an unprecedented religious conversion?”[53]

  The latter option is certainly the plan.  How far the Lord will allow it to proceed remains to be seen.  But we can be absolutely certain of this: it is the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order which controls the various international Socialist groups seeking to rule the world and enforce a New World Order.  This is documented in our book, “Holy War” Against South Africa.[54]  The founder of the Jesuits was also the founder of the Illuminati; the Illuminati created Communism; international Communism was funded by international financiers working for the Illuminati; etc.  And so it is a certainty that Jesuits of Rome, or their agents, are hard at work in the unfolding drama in Ukraine, via the CFR and other Illuminati organisations working for the New World Order; and that they are making use of neo-Nazi and other nationalist groups in Ukraine, just as they did in World War Two.

What Will Happen Next?

  What will be the end result of all these things?  There are a few scenarios, and time will tell which one will come to pass:

a) Ukraine, now under a pro-EU government, will allign itself with Europe, join the EU, and thereby come under EU/US Socialism/Communism.  In this scenario, the Vatican’s own goals are achieved for Ukraine, by it being broken away from Russian influence and placed in a position where Rome can influence it far more easily, and at the same time bring Russia’s “conversion” that much closer.