The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela

Mandela and Communism

  Communist Party control of the ANC was as strong as ever in 1993.  In a letter written by SACP deputy general secretary, Charles Nqakula, which was leaked to the Aida Parker Newsletter, it was revealed that, of the 50 people on the ANC's National Executive Committee (its highest decision-making body), 33 were SACP members.  Communists headed all the most sensitive administrative structures of the ANC.  Many denied that they were Communists, but what did this matter?  Their denials meant absolutely nothing.[34]

  On January 29, 1993, Nelson Mandela denied that there was any ideological connection between the ANC and the SACP, and he said that the alliance would very likely be terminated once the ANC became a political party.[35]  This was nonsense, of course, and the subsequent continuing alliance between the two proved that it was nonsense.

The Violence Continues – and Mandela Continues to Fuel the Flames

 In 1993 the terrible chant was being increasingly heard at ANC gatherings: “Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer!”  Used by the ANC Youth League’s fiery leader, Peter Mokaba, it drove South Africa’s white farmers to prepare for war.  Systematically, brutally, farmers and their wives were being murdered.  In 1992 there were 369 attacks on elderly people on their farms.  Platoons of men began patrolling farms, and other measures were taken,[36] reminiscent of Rhodesia in the 1970s.

  Countrywide, the violence continued to escalate in 1993.  55 people a day were being murdered, on average.  On April 18, in Sebokeng, 21 people were killed in a series of random shootings.  On April 21, a car bomb in Amanzimtoti injured nine people.  In East London, five whites were killed and seven wounded by gunmen armed with AK-47s.

  Far from calling a halt to the violence, Nelson Mandela urged youths, on April 22, to join MK, saying that they would be sent abroad for training.  Quite plainly, various countries were still training MK guerrillas in terrorism, with Mandela’s blessing.

Massive Support for Mandela and the ANC from Religious Institutions

  Religious institutions in South Africa and abroad continued to give massive, enthusiastic support to Nelson Mandela and the ANC.  In July 1993, when Mandela visited the United States, leaders of Chicago’s Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh communities attended a luncheon with him.  He said, “The ANC is perfectly at home with religious leaders and the religious community.  My generation is the product of missionary education…. Religion is in our blood because of what it has done for our community.”  It is true that the ANC was certainly at home with Romanism, and liberal Protestantism, and Islam, and other religions; but not with biblical Christianity.  Satan, the great adversary of the Lord, His Church, and His Gospel, was behind both the ANC and the religions which supported it.

  The great majority of South Africans, and indeed the majority of people worldwide, have always believed that Marxists only advocate atheism; and therefore, when a Communist makes pro-religious statements, even (at times) what appear to be pro-Christian statements, many are completely fooled.  They think to themselves, “How can this man be a Communist?  How can the organisation he represents be Communist?”  Most people have completely failed to understand that, especially in more recent times, Marxists came to view the “Church” as a useful organisation with which to influence the masses.  This was particularly so in countries which were strongly religious, such as South Africa.  Instead of waging outright war on religion, they sought to harness it, to make it work for them.  Consider the words of Z. Berbeshkina, in a book entitled What is Historical Materialism?  It was published by Progress Publishers in Moscow in 1985.  “Marxist- Leninist parties,” he wrote, “pay due attention to the role of religion in contemporary social development and to its influence on the masses.  Marxists show deep regard for those who work for peace, whatever their religious belief…. On the other hand, Marxists combat the alliance of reactionary clericals and the forces of imperialism and aggression…. Marxism-Leninism provides the only correct scientific criticism of religion as a social phenomenon maintained and encouraged by the exploiter classes.”[37]

  Famous American liberal religious leader, Jesse Jackson, cajoled and coaxed the crowd, at the Chicago gathering, to dig deep into their pockets, singling out people by name.  “If he [Mandela] could give 27 years of flesh and blood, could we not give some money?” he asked.  A Roman Catholic priest called Mandela a “model of what it means to live the gospel”!  What a lie.  Over R500 000 was raised for Mandela.[38]

Mandela the Religious Chameleon

  Mandela continued to depict himself as a religious man, thereby wooing gullible religious people to his cause.  Like a chameleon, his colours changed according to his religious surroundings.  He appeared equally at home with liberal Protestants (he was a Methodist), Charismatics, Roman Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, or witchdoctors.  On August 15, 1993, at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, the Carmen Music for Peace Concert was held and Mandela was present.  The concert was organised by the charismatic Rhema “Church”.  Frank Chikane, the general secretary of the SACC, led in prayer.  Ray McCauley, the pastor of Rhema, was an enthusiastic supporter of Mandela.[39]  Then on September 12 Mandela attended a service at St. Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic “Church” in Athlone, and was photographed giving the black power clenched-fist salute while members of the “church” sang “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika” (“God Bless Africa”), the anthem of the revolutionary movement in South Africa.[40]  Another photograph, in the Argus newspaper on September 14, showed him with Muslims.  And in November, he participated in the Hindu Dipawali festival.[41]

  Then came the witchcraft ceremony in Durban on October 24, 1993, the purpose of which, according to the Johannesburg Star of October 26, was to call down the ancestors’ blessings on Mandela and to cast away evil spirits.  It was part of a cultural festival organised by the ANC, and 60 000 people attended.  A Hindu guru, a Muslim imam, and a so-called “Christian” minister initiated the proceedings.  During the ceremony, 32 witchdoctors called on the ancestral spirits to “bless” Mandela, who was present.  This ceremony, however, was far, far more sinister than the Star made it out to be.  It is a ceremony used by witchdoctors for anyone who wants power, riches, health or good luck.  And for the ceremony to be valid, human blood and human flesh are normally required!  For this reason, in many of the ritual murders which take place in South Africa, body parts are removed.[42]

  Furthermore, the fact that Mandela was prayed for by witchdoctors, by spirit mediums, meant that he was now seen by many blacks, steeped as they were in their traditional beliefs, as a man too powerful to oppose.  The effect of this was to intimidate blacks into supporting him.

  This satanic festival was endorsed by the ANC, praised by the media, and supported by people claiming to be “Christians”, even “ministers”!  A religious Babel, an abomination in the sight of God, in which demons were invoked under the guise of ancestors, and in which (very probably) human blood and flesh played a part!  Not even a whimper of protest was heard from the various religious leaders claiming to be “Christians” within the SACC, who were always so vocal in their praise of the ANC and Mandela.  Not surprisingly, because these men were not true Christians, and the “churches” they represented were not true churches of Christ.  They merely assumed the name of “Christians”, and took the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ into their wicked lips, but in truth they did not object to men following “other roads” to God (in direct violation of Matt. 7:13,14, Jn. 14:6, Acts 4: 12, etc., because they themselves did not know the true way); they encouraged multi-faith worship, religious syncretism, for they knew not the God of the Bible.

  Truly, the Charismatics, liberal Protestants, and Roman Catholics who praised Mandela, supported him, and supported and encouraged multi-faith worship, etc., were as spiritually blind, as dead in trespasses and sins, as any ancestor-worshipping witchdoctor!  He who does not worship the true God worships devils, whether they are hidden behind the names of Mary, the so-called “saints”, or even behind the name of Christ.  For there is “another Jesus” as certainly as there is the true Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God (2 Cor. 11:4): this “Jesus” is the Jesus of man’s imagination, of man’s invention, and he is worshipped by millions in many forms.  But such worship is false worship, abominable to God.  “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Prov. 14:12); “wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat” (Matt. 7:13) – yes, and go in thinking that they are worshipping God, and are Christians!  Few indeed find that narrow way which leads to life (Matt. 7:14); and that way is Christ (Jn. 14:6).