The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s Veiled Threat of Violence Against Whites

  Since the unbanning of the ANC and other groups in 1990, the violence had increased dramatically, especially between the ANC and Inkatha, a predominantly Zulu organisation.   The majority of the Zulus were anti-Communist and absolutely opposed to the ANC.   The ANC deceptively shifted the blame for the violence to Inkatha and the security forces, whereas in fact it had been initiated by the ANC.   Mandela, speaking on May 16, 1991, warned the government that if it failed to stop the violence, it could spread to white areas.   He said, “When they [“our people”] realise that the government is working with the black organisations that are killing our people, they will arm themselves and go to the white areas, and kill innocent people there.”[20]  Even though he added that the ANC did not support this, it was nevertheless a thinly-veiled suggestion to black militants.  The ANC/SACP tactic was, first, to initiate the violence; and then secondly, to blame it on Inkatha when its members retaliated, or on the government when the security forces clamped down to restore law and order!  The media, of course, took the ANC’s version of events at face-value. 

Mandela Threatens Mass Action, and the ANC’s Plans for Taking Power by Force

  On June 16, 1991, Mandela said that the ANC would not compromise over its demands for a constituent assembly and an interim government, and warned of more mass action if these demands were not met.[21]  According to the Communist strategy, the first stage of its planned takeover of the country involved removing power from the hands of the government, and establishing an interim government dominated by the ANC.

  In June 1991 the ANC confirmed for the first time that its leadership had ordered a “back-up” plan of armed revolution, if its negotiations with the government failed.  This included establishing arms caches in South Africa, to create a national uprising.[22]

  The unbanning of the ANC just over a year earlier had not in any way made that organisation give up the armed revolution.  It had simply made it far easier for it to conduct such a revolution, for it could now do so from within South Africa’s borders! The country was teetering on the brink of an ANC-inspired bloodbath.

  The ANC continued to rapidly prepare military structures to seize power by violence and bloodshed if the “negotiations” (negotiated surrender) ever failed.  Large supplies of Russian arms were being smuggled into South Africa by MK, and stashed in secret arms dumps.  MK had an estimated 10 000 highly-trained guerrillas in SA’s neighbouring countries.  They were trained in Cuba, Libya, China, Russia, and by the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).  MK was establishing “Self-Defence Units” in the townships, called “Township Defence Forces”, for the purpose of controlling the residents by intimidation.

  The British Intelligence Digest declared: “Increasingly, South Africans are coming to realise that they are facing a classic Marxist/Leninist revolution, organised by dedicated South African communists trained in the former Eastern bloc and by Western communists.  Surprising to many will be the information received by ID sources in South Africa that the revolution is still being directed by communist cadres in Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union.”[23]

Mandela and Islam

  In 1992 the ANC also began to openly court the Islamic states.  Mandela visited Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran.  These had all supported the ANC.  In July he was awarded an honorary doctorate at Teheran University.  He said: “The people of Africa will make Iran’s Islamic revolution a model for their revolutionary moves.”  He also met the Ayatollah Khameini, and laid a wreath at the tomb of the Ayatollah Khomeini.[24]  The bloody revolution that swept Khomeini to power – a model for Africa!  Chilling words indeed.

  When in early 1992 Mandela met Muslim terrorist leader, Yasser Arafat, at the PLO headquarters in Tunisia, he said, “We regard the PLO as one of the most progressive movements in the world and we are going to continue that friendship.”[25]

  This was the supposedly moderate, “democratic” Mandela!