The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela

Mandela, the ANC, and the Communist Party

  The African National Congress was the black political organisation which the Communist Party decided to infiltrate and use to achieve its objectives in South Africa.  It was resolved in 1928 that the Communist Party of South Africa, working under orders from Moscow, would transform the ANC into a revolutionary organisation.

  In the 1940s men such as Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo joined the ANC; men whose names would become synonymous with the organisation in the years to come.  At the ANC conference in 1949, these men staged a coup, and from that date on the ANC became far more radical.[3]

  In 1961 Mkhonto we Sizwe (called “MK” for short, and meaning “Spear of the Nation”), the ANC’s armed wing, was formed, and Nelson Mandela became its Commander.  The ANC was under the control of the South African Communist Party, and the Soviet Union supplied it with arms, as part of its worldwide strategy to advance the Communist cause.  An ANC official said of the Soviet Union, “We will cherish their friendship for many years to come”; and, “They are our allies of old time. We are not ashamed to have Communists in our ranks.”[4]

  Indeed, so obviously Communist was the ANC that in a better time the U.S. State Department branded it a terrorist organisation, which it most certainly was.

The Truth About Mandela’s Arrest and Imprisonment

  In 1963 the ANC suffered a blow.  After a number of bomb attacks orchestrated by MK, most of its leaders were arrested, including Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and Nelson Mandela.  The police also recovered a number of documents.  One of these gave minute details of the plans of MK’s “Operation Mayibuye”, which was a blueprint for seizing control by means of sabotage, revolution, terrorism, and guerilla warfare.

  As the years went by, Nelson Mandela was portrayed in the world press as a hero who had been unjustly imprisoned for opposing the hated “apartheid regime” of South Africa.   But this was a lie. Many others actively and forcefully opposed apartheid but were never sent to prison for it.  Therefore, it could not have been merely for “opposing apartheid” that he was imprisoned.  Why, then, was he imprisoned?

  The truth is that he and others had planned the manufacture of many thousands of anti-personnel mines, hand grenades, bombs, pipe bombs, syringe bombs, and bottle bombs!  They had planned to overthrow the South African government.  It was not, therefore, for unjust reasons that Mandela was arrested and imprisoned; it was, in essence, for high treason![5]

  These facts have been completely ignored by the international media, as have the following: Mandela had written a document entitled How to be a Good Communist, and had written of the coming of a “Communist world”, of wiping out the enemies of Communism, etc.  Another document, written in his own handwriting, declared that “traitors and informers should be ruthlessly eliminated”.  He was, and remained, a committed Communist – but the world is hardly aware of it, thanks to the media cover-up of facts like these.

  When arrested and tried, he at no time challenged the authenticity of these documents (so much for the oft-repeated cry that “he spent 27 years of his life unjustly imprisoned for his opposition to apartheid”); in fact, counsel for the defence stated that, “in the face of the overwhelming bulk of evidence”, it would be “futile to refute any of the charges”.  The documents were so incriminating that the prosecution believed it could have obtained convictions on these alone.  Mandela and the others, although they could have received the death sentence, were found guilty of armed insurrection and were sentenced, after an extremely fair hearing in open court, to life imprisonment.  Even the liberal Rand Daily Mail said, in an editorial for June 17, 1964, “the sentences pronounced by Mr Justice de Wet yesterday at the conclusion of the Rivonia Trial were both wise and just….The sentences could not have been less severe than those imposed….The men found guilty had organised sabotage on a wide scale and had plotted armed revolution.  As the judge pointed out, the crime of which they were found guilty was essentially high treason.”[6]

  “These are the facts of history.  Sentencing Mandela to imprisonment instead of letting him be hanged was an act of mercy on the part of his political enemies.  Mandela had, therefore, every reason to be grateful and not the least reason to harbour a grudge against them.  He owed his life to them.”[7]

  The remaining ANC leaders continued operating as exiles, Oliver Tambo being the leader-in-exile; but the ANC’s terror campaign was severely curtailed.[8]

  Such is the truth about Nelson Mandela and the other leaders of the African National Congress: Communist terrorists who had planned armed insurrection and the violent overthrow of the South African government.  And yet, 27 years later, these same revolutionaries were free men, legally entitled to build up the ANC within South Africa’s borders while it continued with the same murderous terror tactics that it had been using for decades, and overseeing the surrender of South Africa into their bloodstained hands.