The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela

  Alas, if only South Africa’s blacks, and the world in general, had looked beyond the myth to see the truth about this man!  Their failure to do so meant that Mandela became South Africa’s president, and led this once-great country down the slippery path of Socialism.  Under his leadership and that of his ANC successors, South Africa became just another self-imploding African Socialist wreck; and this tragic state of affairs was the true legacy of Nelson Mandela and his vile organisation, the ANC.  Yet incredibly, such is the Mandela myth that even as SA continued to spiral downwards, year after year, multiplied millions throughout the country and the world continued to gaze with loving, star-struck adoration at Mandela himself; and this idolatry will continue long after his death.  No matter how bad things became in SA, they separated Mandela from his atrocious ANC, as if he was larger than the ANC, somehow above it and beyond it and in some mysterious way disconnected from it.  And no matter how bad things continue to get, they will continue to do the same, as if he was in no way ever complicit with the ANC in its crimes.  In truth he was a lifelong, loyal servant of the African National Congress/South African Communist Party (ANC/SACP) alliance.  But such is the power of an image, even a lying image, and SA’s tragedy is that this image took on a life of its own, and will live on long beyond his death.

  The truth will out.  One day the truth about Nelson Mandela will become so well-known that the falsehood of his media-made image will come crashing to the ground.  That day is not now.  It is not tomorrow, nor next year, nor a decade or more from now.  But that day will come, as the real truth behind the facade of the Mandela myth is gradually brought to light, little by little as the years go by, until the trickle eventually becomes a flood.  But even then, the majority will shut their eyes and refuse to see it.

  Here, then, is the cold, hard truth.  Although this article contains much original material, much use has also been made of the information about Mandela in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa.[2]  There is no need to rewrite what has already been written and documented.  For a much fuller understanding of the Communist revolution in South Africa, the ANC, Mandela and other terrorists, and the vast support given to the revolution by the Vatican and various Protestant religious institutions, the reader is referred to the book itself.