America: Communism Triumphant


Evidence that America’s Creeping Communist Revolution Has Succeeded

  The stark reality is that the Socialist/Marxist internationalists/one-worlders are now firmly in control of the United States.  They control its Congress, the judiciary, the media, the education system, the medical system, and virtually everything else.  No longer is America a Constitutional Republic.  It is a Socialist dictatorship!

There most certainly has been a diabolical plot to destroy America; to turn it into a Communist-controlled country.  Let us now examine just some of the overwhelming evidence which demonstrates just how successful the plot has been:

  Their power is such that they are rapidly consolidating their control over all means of communication and thus of the free flow of information.  They already have full control over the mainline TV networks in America, and via these they see to it that Americans are only fed what they want them to be fed.  They also already control all the major newspapers and news magazines.  And why have they sought, and achieved, this control?  Well, if the citizens can be kept dumb, entertained to death via Hollywood, television and music, but ignorant of what is really happening in their country and in the world – then they can be very easily controlled.  All dictators have always known this.  Hence the need to control the means of communication and the flow of information.  The major TV networks, newspapers and magazines are already in their hands; and now the powers that be in America are moving to severely limit press freedom, and to severely restrict or shut down completely all information emanating from alternative media sources, i.e. those who oppose what is happening.  It is incorrect to say that censorship is coming to America – for in truth it has been applied in America for a long time already, through the mainline TV networks and publications.  But this has been done furtively, so that the population has not even been aware that they are watching or reading censored information.  Now, however, open, legislative censorship is on the way as well – to be applied against conservative or Christian alternative information suppliers.  And just as in the old Soviet Union or in Russia today, as well as in other Communist regimes, journalists, writers, and others who seek to provide accurate news reports and to expose the goings-on of the one-worlders will be shut down, or even eliminated.

  The internet certainly poses a massive problem to the schemes of the internationalists/Socialists.  Websites and blogs which are opposed to what is happening have to be shut down somehow.  This is why there is such a huge push for internet censorship.  One way or another the internet must be controlled.

  The U.S. is also rapidly becoming a total-surveillance country.  Every dictatorship in history knows that to maintain its power, it must be able to monitor all its citizens, all the time: to listen to their conversations, watch their movements, etc.  And in America today, this has been taken to new extremes, thanks to the technology now available which was not available to earlier dictatorships.  Not only can phone and cellphone calls be monitored, but activity on social networks and even one’s emails; and the people are watched via surveillance cameras which are being installed by the millions in public places throughout the country, and via tens of thousands of tiny spy planes known as drones.  And all of this is happening on a huge scale never before known in America, nor indeed in the world.  In fact, most people in the world have absolutely no idea of just how advanced the various high-tech surveillance gadgets really are.  And more are being developed all the time.

  In addition, dictatorships are fanatically devoted to controlling the movements of their citizens.  Since the terrorist attack in New York City in 2001, the control of people boarding planes in the U.S. has become draconian, with all kinds of security checks, searches, etc.  And the paranoia over the control of the people’s movements has now extended to trains and buses as well.  U.S. Homeland Security is now setting up roadblocks to check cars, buses and trucks on U.S. highways.  All of this is sounding more and more like what used to occur in the old Soviet Union, and what occurs in Communist dictatorships all across the world, from Cuba to Zimbabwe!  And this is not surprising, for America is now being ruled by the same ideologists as those who sit in power in the Communist regimes of the world.

  In addition to all this, over a hundred federal detention centres have been constructed across the country, guarded by the military but which are presently empty.  What are they for?  It is reliably believed by those in the know that they have been built should the need arise to detain large numbers of American citizens for being classified as potential “enemies of the State”.

  The U.S. financial system is now almost completely in the internationalists’ hands.  Americans’ wealth, jobs, and savings are all being destroyed.  The dollar, too, is being destroyed, all part of the plan to merge America into the World Order.  And they are rapidly moving the country towards a cashless society, because then they can monitor all financial transactions, control how much people spend, and freeze the money of anyone they deem to be a threat to them.  And as more and more Americans decide they do not want to live under this kind of police state and are opting out, seeking to emigrate to other countries, the powers that be are seeking, by means of exchange and capital controls, to prevent citizens who are leaving from taking their money with them.

  Then there is the national health system, known as “Obamacare”.  It is nothing less than a Socialist national medical system.  It has been described as the largest piece of Socialist legislation to be foisted on Americans since the Depression years.  The one-worlders now running the USA seek to control the entire medical system, for this means control of the entire population’s health.  A nation of sick and weak people is far easier to manipulate than a nation of healthy ones.  Make no mistake about it, this is nothing less than further massive people control.  If they desire to do it (and they do), the day could soon come when the elderly are denied health care as part of a deliberate euthanasia programme.  In other words, they will have the power to decide for life or for death!  And not just the elderly: handicapped people as well, and even those deemed by the authorities to be “politically incorrect” – such as Christians!  It has been all done before, in Nazi Germany and in Communist lands, and it is the plan for America as well.

  Furthermore, this Socialist health care system has meant the loss of religious liberty, as employers are required to offer government-approved “reproductive services” to employees even if the employer objects on religious grounds (churches are exempt – for now – but all other religious-based organisations are not, e.g. schools and charities).