Babies Stolen and Sold by Spanish Priests and Nuns

  But then, as shocked as all decent people are by these revelations, we should never lose sight of the vile nature of this religious system which so falsely claims to be the true Church of Christ on earth.  After all, when it comes to children, this “Church” has done some abominable things, and continues to do so.  Its priests have sexually abused children.  This wickedness has gone on through all the centuries of this so-called “Church’s” existence, but in recent decades it has been exposed for the world to see, and the sheer scale of this abuse has shocked and horrified millions around the world, including millions of Roman Catholics.  It has occurred on every continent, and although thousands have been found guilty, there are many thousands more who are just as guilty but will never be caught.  I have written about this on a number of occasions, and these articles are readily available.[2]

  Then too, many centuries ago Rome brought in the doctrine that its priests and nuns were not allowed to marry (a doctrine called in Scripture a “doctrine of devils”, and for good reason: 1 Tim. 4:1-3).  An enforced celibate priesthood meant that many sexual liaisons occurred between priests and nuns, and between priests and other women, both those of a consensual nature, and rapes.  And often it has been the case that children born to nuns or other Roman Catholic women, fathered by priests, have been murdered, as has been testified by women who were intimately acquainted with the perpetrators of such crimes.[3]  In 1848 in France, the French republican government ordered that convents be searched, and Giuseppe Garibaldi personally visited all the convents the following year.  And without exception, in every single one he found vaults in which were the bones of babies.[4]

  I have also written of the recent discovery in Belfast, Northern Ireland, of a mass grave of “unbaptized” babies of Roman Catholic parents.[5]

  We ought not, then, to be surprised by these recent revelations from Spain.  It is just the latest evidence, which has been accumulating for centuries, of the filthy, vile nature of Roman Catholicism.