The Vatican and the Occupy Movement

  What we are witnessing worldwide, in the rise of this “Occupy Wall Street” protest phenomenon, is a well-orchestrated, well-funded campaign to promote a radical Communist agenda, with pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish elements, not unlike the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism before World War Two.  It is a most dangerous movement.  Essentially it is a Trojan horse.  Behind it are the one-world elite, but using these naive youngsters to further their agenda.  The young protesters themselves are really irrelevant in all this, apart from their status as cannon fodder for those manipulating the puppet strings behind the scenes.  And remember: it is far from over.  It might slow down some as winter sets in across parts of the United States, but Kalle Lasn, its founder, believes it will flare up again next year when spring arrives in the northern hemisphere.  And he said: “When the second phase of this movement rises up next Spring after the Winter is over and this first occupation phase of the movement comes to a close then I think we will see some crystal clear demands coming out of this movement.  We will also see some powerful ways of making those crystal clear demands come true.”[21]  Ominous words.

  If violent street protests erupt between police and protesters as they did in the Communist-orchestrated violence of the 1960s and 1970s in America, these young, naive, foolish protesters will be gunned down, and their backers won’t care.  The end will have been achieved.  Over 1000 arrests of protesters have occurred across the U.S., with some already being hurt in the clashes.  This could so easily escalate to an all-out confrontation with riot police.  The movement continues to gain momentum, with support pouring in from all kinds of groups, even ones which supposedly should be at loggerheads, such as the Communists and the Nazis.  Trade unions are throwing their considerable support behind the movement; for unions have long been under Communist direction. 

  If things continue to snowball like this, the potential is being created for anarchy and the breakdown of society.  In much of America and the west, anarchy is already here, as shown by lawless gangs of street youths committing crimes with impunity, having no fear of being caught: pillaging, looting, raping, assaulting, murdering.  And what is the next logical step?  Martial law, and then the removal of whatever freedoms America still has left.  But by then, Americans will be so tired of the violence that they will welcome martial law – just what the one-worlders want!  Make no mistake – massive shifts are under foot.

  Let us get back now to the Vatican document.  It is not at all surprising, seen in this light, that the Vatican is calling for a central world bank leading to an eventual world authority.  For, even unknown to many within the one-world political establishment, behind the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, and all other internationalist groups lie the Jesuits of Rome.[22]