The Vatican and the Occupy Movement

  Oh, come, come now, let’s not play games.  Yes, it’s true enough that this latest document is not a papal encyclical.  But coming as it does on the heels of the 2009 papal encyclical in which the pope of Rome called for a world government, and issuing forth as it does from a powerful Vatican office and the pen of a cardinal of Rome, which would not issue a document contrary to papal teaching even if said document was not officially sent forth by Benedict himself, we are on very safe grounds indeed when we say that this document sets out what the Papacy wants.  Oh, and did you notice Moynihan tripping over his own feet?  He wrote, “I say ‘allegedly’ because the text in which this call appears…”  If the call for a central world bank appears in the document (and Moynihan says it does), then how can it be an alleged call?  Either it is there in the document or it is not.  If it is, then it is not an alleged call, it is a call for a central world bank!

  Now we must turn to an examination of the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) protests, and then how the Vatican document fits into what is happening in cities around the world.  These are decidedly pro-Communist, anti-Capitalist protests.  Demonstrators say they are angry over economic inequalities, government bailouts of big banks, corporate bonuses, etc.  They claim that the giant U.S. corporations have caused the country to go broke, and thus the corporations need to be destroyed.

  But is this a “spontaneous” uprising of malcontents, as the mainstream (lamestream) media wants us to believe?  Not at all.  It is a very cleverly manipulated movement.  Behind it is the international Socialist network, controlled by elite, powerful and extremely wealthy men, committed to world government controlled by themselves, who have been pulling America down for decades, seeking to transform the country into a Socialist state.  This is why the liberal, leftist U.S. Democrats are flocking to align themselves with the OWS movement – including radical Socialist, President Barack Obama, himself.  He is on record as saying, “I think that it [the movement] expresses the frustrations that the American people feel.”[5]

  How did the “Occupy Wall Street” movement begin?  Adbusters magazine is believed to have come up with the idea.  It is a Canadian anti-Capitalist magazine, the stated objective of which is to “topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century.”[6]  Adbusters is deeply committed to the United Nations, and took to heart the UN’s call for a global tax.  The protesters in the streets of Manhattan demanded the implementation of this tax. How did this magazine galvanise the “Occupy Wall Street” movement?  Here’s how: its founders, Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz, issued a call on their website in July 2011 to flood lower Manhattan with 90 000 protesters.  They wrote: “Alright you 90,000 redeemers, rebels and radicals out there, a worldwide shift in revolutionary tactics is underway right now that bodes well for the future…. The time has come to deploy this emerging stratagem against the greatest corrupter of our democracy: Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America.”[7]  And that was that.  On September 17, a thousand people converged on Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district, and three weeks later the movement had spread to some 70 major cities and 600 communities across the U.S, and even to hundreds of other cities worldwide.

  Lasn, a Baltic-born Communist activist, could barely contain his delight when he said of Capitalists: “Their moment in the sun is over…. We are going to dismantle this global casino and come up with a new economic system where they don’t have anywhere near the power that they have had up to now.”[8]