A Brazen Claim that Rome had a Role in the KJV

A little bit about the exhibit itself.  It is a multimillion-dollar, high-tech, interactive museum of the Bible, consisting of thousands of biblical manuscripts and texts.  It is sponsored by Steve Green, an American businessman whose family has amassed the world’s largest collection of ancient biblical manuscripts and texts.  Green, described as an “evangelical” and a Baptist,[4] nevertheless evidently had no scruples about making use of the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C. for the announcement of his museum, nor of (perhaps ignorantly) falsifying history by permitting the claim to be made that there was a Roman Catholic contribution to the production of the KJV.  He made it clear that the museum has no theological agenda, saying, “It’s a museum, not a ministry.”

So how did it come about that the Vatican came to be associated with an interactive museum put together by a Baptist?  Scott Carroll, the director of the Green Collection and of the travelling exhibition, said the collaboration with the Vatican came about through his friendship with a former Vatican official, and because he discovered an aspect of the collected artifacts that captured the interest of the Vatican.  And what was that?  “I thought of something that we have that the Vatican Library does not have.  It was the KJV,” he said.  Furthermore, he said he discovered several items within “Passages” which (according to him!) show the Roman Catholic contribution to the King James Bible!  He said one of the more remarkable aspects of the collaboration is that it reflects on the ecumenical premise of “Passages”.  The translation of the KJV in 1611, he claimed, is “largely considered a Protestant event, but it’s not.  Many Catholics read the KJV.”[5] What an outright falsehood!  The Roman Catholic institution had absolutely nothing to do with the production of the KJV, but plenty to do with seeking to prevent it ever seeing the light of day!  And as for many Papists reading the KJV, this is simply false.  Some may read it out of curiosity, some may read it for its contribution to the English language or for some scholarly purpose as part of research, but any Roman Catholic who reads the KJV as if it was an acceptable translation of the Holy Scriptures would be directly violating his “Church’s” teaching.

Carroll added that Vatican leaders were very interested in hosting the travelling exhibit in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of the King James Version being observed this year.   Of course they were!  What an opportunity for Rome to falsify history and claim what is not hers!  The Vatican officials must have been licking their lips in anticipation of the ecumenical mileage they could get out of hosting this naive Protestant’s exhibition.