Thabo Mbeki’s Distortion Of The Holy Scriptures

Thabo Mbeki's Distortion Of The Holy Scriptures, PDF format

South African President Thabo Mbeki delivered an address at the annual Nelson Mandela Lecture, held at Wits University on the 29th July 2006.  This was broadcast on SABC 2 on the 30th July.  I am going to quote sections of his speech at length, without comment at first, so that the reader may take in all the relevant portions of the speech together; and then I will dissect it and comment on various sections of it.  To those with eyes to see, it gives a picture of the kind of South Africa envisaged by our Communist leaders, as well as (horrifyingly) the way they continue to distort the Scriptures to suit themselves, by their heresy known as “liberation theology” (religious Communism).

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