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by Shaun Willcock





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In our day Matthew chapter 24 is usually interpreted to be about the events just prior to the second coming of Christ, and about the second coming itself.  But although this appeals to modern generations because it makes for exciting and sensationalist exposition, it ignores the obvious historical fulfilment of one verse after another, the context, and the relationship of the chapter to various other Scriptures.  All these things reveal that it was fulfilled in the dramatic events leading up to, and occurring in, the year AD 70, when the Roman army besieged Jerusalem and finally captured it, destroying the Jewish state, capital city, and great temple.
However, those events in the first century AD typified, they foreshadowed or prefigured, events which will occur near to, and at, the very end of the world, and the second coming of Christ.
In addition, for all Christians in all ages of the world, it has so much to teach regarding how to live in this fallen world of abounding iniquity, massive religious deception, hatred for and persecution of Christ’s disciples, and political and social turmoil.

This great prophecy was not given to tickle the ears, nor to satisfy idle curiosity.  It was given so that Christians would be warned; take heed; watch and pray; understand the times and act accordingly; and be ready to meet their Lord and Saviour when He comes.

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